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How to Color Like an Artist - Colored Pencil Techniques including Blending & Shading

Okay so this is what I learned from chapter one of HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST a Dover Publication written by Veronica Winters – coloring in the lines is not a sign that you are an artist or even a good colorist. There is so much to learn a...


Drawing Animals Shape by Shape

This is a super cute book that helps kids and adults learn to draw with very basic shapes as a starting point. The characters you and your kids can learn to draw range from cats and dogs to farm animals, woodland creatures all the way to di...

4 Stars
  • Author: Christopher Hart
  • Review by: Tamazon
  • Genre: Art & Coloring
  • Tags: Arts, Crafts & Supplies, Kids: Children's, Kids: Middle Grade, Drawing, Painting, Learning Art
  • Publisher: Sixth&Spring