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Magical Scratch Street Art - Magical Scratch

As an adult I found this Magical Scratch book a lot of fun. It's marketed towards children, but I think this is fun for any age. It's art and is timeless. Inside you get twenty boards that have a black coating on top. Under that coating is...

4 Stars

Magical Scratch Zen Doodling

I found this book to be fun for both adults and kids. Inside you get 20 scratch boards that include a black over top coat. Below that coat are different colors. So as you scratch off the black you get color behind. Inside the book you also...

4 Stars

Creative Revolution - Personal Transformation through Brave Intuitive Painting

Flora Bowley, author of Creative Revolutions, Personal Transformation through Brave Intuitive Painting, has created an amazing book. The bright colors on the cover are eye-catching. The blend of palettes runs throughout the pages of this bo...

5 Stars

Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards - 20 Hand-Drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation

Artist Wendy Piersall has released a postcard book that includes 20 of her hand-drawn flower mandala. Each postcard image is a smaller version of the flower image in her "Coloring Flower Mandala" coloring book. I've colored many of the page...

4 Stars

Calming Dot to Dot - Intricate, Stunning, Stress-Relieving Patterns for Adults

Emily Wallis draws us in with over 40 fun Dot to Dot drawings. These drawings are intricate and fun. Find number 1 with your pencil (also marked by a small star) and then connect to number 2 and so forth. Expect to be working on these for a...


Gulliver's New Travels

If you love yourself some Gulliver's Travels and love coloring as well, then I would pick this up! I so recommend this book for those of you who love quirky, neat looking images that are based on real items but are not anywhere near realist...

5 Stars

Inkspirations for Women

Inkspirations for Women has to be one of my top 10 favorite coloring books. The pictures inside were a real pleasure to color. They are fun and lively. I had a really hard time choosing which picture to color first, second, etc. In less tha...

5 Stars

Color Quest - Extreme Coloring Challenges to Complete

Color Quest is one of the most fun books I've colored in a while. Each picture is made up of shapes with numbers in them. You pick out a set of pencils based on a color chart. Then you color by the number. I loved the variety of pictures fr...

4 Stars

Hot Dudes Coloring Book

Love adult coloring books? Well this one has all the adulting you need. With each page covered in sexy guys some even with tattoos this one will have you turning on the fans while you color until your hearts content. Sexy meets Crayola.

5 Stars

Coloring Ocean Mandalas

All of Wendy Piersall's hand drawn adult coloring books have kept me entertained for hours. Coloring Ocean Mandalas will surely appeal to those who love under sea creatures, environments as well as those who want a bit of fantasy. My favori...


Tattoos - Just Add Color

“Just Add Color: Tattoos” is an adult coloring book with multiple designs that provide a template for hours of entertainment. There are some beautifully intricate designs that form a framework for one to experiment with various color combin...


I Love My Hair

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I never really know what to say about these kinds of books. I mean it’s a coloring book, LOL. But the creativity they have done in this one was great! It’s a thin book that you could pretty much take with you anywhere. It’s...

4 Stars

Fairyland - Just Add Color

Just ADD Color Fairyland is a great book for adults and older young adults. It's perfect for those who are just starting to color again and those who have really gotten into the craze like me. The book has 120 pages of great fairy inspired...

4 Stars

Coloring Dream Mandalas

I love coloring!! I'm so happy someone thought of making coloring books for adults. This coloring book is gorgeous and very relaxing. I enjoy just sitting down and coloring the Mandalas. It is a bit more challenging than others I have but s...

5 Stars

Drawing Animals Shape by Shape

This is a super cute book that helps kids and adults learn to draw with very basic shapes as a starting point. The characters you and your kids can learn to draw range from cats and dogs to farm animals, woodland creatures all the way to di...

4 Stars
  • Author: Christopher Hart
  • Review by: Tamazon
  • Genre: Art & Coloring
  • Tags: Arts, Crafts & Supplies, Kids: Children's, Kids: Middle Grade, Drawing, Painting, Learning Art
  • Publisher: Sixth&Spring

Coloring Flower Mandalas

Coloring Flower Mandalas is one of my first adult coloring books to try. To get started I purchased a set of colored pencils and made them nice and sharp as the drawings in this book have many small areas. I also made sure to buy a good var...

4 Stars

Mandalas - 120 illustrations

“Mandalas: A gorgeous coloring book with more than 120 illustrations to complete” is a Barron’s book with perforated pages bearing a multiplicity of drawings to color. I liked that there were some pages that had two smaller drawings to work...

4 Stars

The Zombie Combat Field Guide

Do you love zombies, coloring books and activity books? If yes, then this is a book that is not to be missed. It's perfect for the adult zombie lover who doesn't mind a bit of blood and guts along with their coloring. Make sure you have a r...

4 Stars

Coloring Animal Mandalas

“Coloring Animal Mandalas” by Wendy Piersall is a beautiful collection of drawings that can be colored. Each drawing is printed on white paper and is comprised of a multitude of repetitive shapes that combine to form all kinds of creatures,...

4 Stars