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As Kinky as You Wanna Be - Your Guide to Safe, Sane and Smart BDSM

This interesting book is not an instructional manual but a guide to what BDSM means, complete with examples. While you might think dry and boring, this is anything but that. After all, it is kinky sex. That being said, it goes over mental a...


Take It Off! Again

While this isn’t an extremely long book, about 60 something pages, it’s full of great stuff which will have your interest immediately. Taylor and Justin are male strippers and they’re sharing their lives. Some of their stories are erotic wh...

5 Stars

The Secret Life of A Submissive - A True Story

The Secret Life of a Submissive by Sarah K is the true story written by the author about her foray into BDSM and submission with her Dom, Max. Sarah pulls no punches here and tells us a refreshingly honest, entertaining, enthralling, and er...


Take It Off! - The Naked Truth About Male Strippers

With the popularity of Magic Mike, the mystic of the male stripper has captured many female imaginations. In Take It Off!, two male exotic dancers take you behind the scenes, behind the hype and into the world where they worked for years. T...

5 Stars

The ABC's of BDSM

The ABCs of BDSM is labeled fiction but is actually an excellent reference guide if you are wanting to learn about BDSM or are already in it and want to learn more. It is written in three sections. The first is lots of terms, play activitie...

5 Stars

BDSM The Naked Truth

SUMMARY (taken from the author's site) Join world-renowned Clinical Sexologist Dr. Charley Ferrer as she pulls back the leather curtain to reveal the truths about love, affection, and the respect shared by men and women who embrace the uniq...


BDSM for Writers

BDSM For Writers is an unparalleled source of information for the writer looking to incorporate this lifestyle into their stories. Delivered with charm and an entertaining wit, Dr. Charley has formulated a well written and ordered book that...