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Inside Heat - Mustangs Baseball #1

Plot & Characters: Inside Heat is a red-hot page turner! Sizzling with hot menage love scenes and layered with emotional grit, there's not a page in the book that doesn't deliver a sinful sigh of pleasure or a pull of the heart strings. Ms....

4 Stars
  • Author: Roz Lee
  • Review by: Talina
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Romantic Elements, * Romance: Sports, * SPICY: HOT Romance
  • Publisher: Roz Lee


Amy Redwood's newest release, Sextricity is an enchantingly erotic paranormal romance that I really enjoyed. The only thing that I didn't really like was the pacing of the book, sometimes it was fast-paced and then sometimes it slows down q...

4 Stars

Sea Orphan

After assuming her family had been killed in a home invasion, Rebecca Ferguson jumped from her bedroom window and into an inflatable dinghy, hoping to escape the same fate as her family. She ends up washing ashore on an island owned by Luci...


The Legend of the Mountain Ash

Reading The Legend of the Mountain Ash, I had different thoughts running through my mind regarding the story, but the predominant ones were: that it was sweet, touching, at times heartbreaking, and sad, that there was love, devotion, two pe...

5 Stars

Manhunting - The Chase: Blaze #519

This three story anthology is written around a Valentine theme and each story does a wonderful job of provoking sexiness, desire and pure lust with all the main characters. In the first story, “The Chase” by Betina Krahn, Samant...

4 Stars

The Charmer - Smooth Operators, Blaze #520

Alex Stamos, CEO at Stamos Publishing, the family’s publishing business, is in search for this new artist in Wisconsin that submitted some work to his company some time back. Wanting to sign a contract with this new artist, T.J. Marsh...

4 Stars

Play With Me - Forbidden Fantasies, Blaze #521

Amanda Bauer, a pilot for Clear-Blue Airlines, which is owned by her and her Uncle Frank, just wants some excitement back in her life again. Since the day after her high school graduation when she showed up unannounced on her uncle’s...

4 Stars

Her Sexy Valentine - Blaze #522

Carol Snow, the Director of Finance at Mystic Touch Greeting Cards, is a very reserved person who doesn’t like to break from her normal, boring routine. She seems stuck in a rut in her personal life and tries playing it off by saying...


Take Me If You Dare - Blaze #523

Mariska Stonegate, a Private Investigator, is working on a case in Thailand looking for a man. While there, she needs assistance and accepts help from a local detective. Mr. Thomas isn’t completely honest with Mariska in telling her w...

3 Stars

Tempt Me Again - Blaze #524

Insurance Appraiser Andrea Hastings is on a mission to seduce the man who was her high school crush. Although he turned her down in high school, it didn’t stop her from thinking about him even after all these years have passed. Since...

4 Stars

The Soldier's Return

Janelle and Ron are an old married couple, but in reality haven’t spent much time together since he’s military and often stationed abroad. Now he’s home on leave and Janelle is ready to jump him the minute he enters their...

3 Stars