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Dangerous Deeds - The Westport Mysteries, #1

In "Dangerous Deeds" the author starts the story off by having the main character Lizzie describe herself. It was great to have a visual of the storyteller right from the start. The story flows along pretty good. A mystery gets added in wit...

4 Stars


Sharon Ervin weaves an intriguing tale in this contemporary mystery. Memory Smith is almost too good to be real and I enjoyed getting to know to woman behind the town legend. She is definitely a unique woman. Her bravery and her straightfor...


Picture Imperfect - A Sassy Suspense

Cindy Procter-King presents readers with a suspenseful snapshot of a romantic comedy. Ursula Scott is a strong-minded heroine. She has ambition and a set of goals she is determined to attain. I loved watching her handle the spanner tossed i...

4 Stars