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Toward a Secret Sky

Demons, Descriptions, and a Fabulous story await the reader of "Toward a Secret Sky"! It all starts off with Maren moving to Scotland, which let me tell you with the craze that is Outlander I was very happy to have this setting again! Maren...

5 Stars
  • Author: Heather Maclean
  • Review by: CrossroadReview
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Suspense: Action / Thriller, * Young Adult, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Blink

Ghostly Echoes - A Jackaby Novel, #3

I have been a fan of the Jackaby series since it started and I am very sad to see that this third story just didn't work out for me. The wonderful Mr. Jackaby fell so flat for me that he really was only good for seeing the other world in th...

3 Stars

Zero - Zero Series Book 1

"Zero" by Morgan Dark is a really great suspense story. It follows the life of Kyle Bradford and also the burglar Zero. Kyle is a student at a prestigious school. His parents are dead and he has been adopted by his mom's friend. Kyle's life...

4 Stars
  • Author: Morgan Dark
  • Review by: Tamazon
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Suspense: Action / Thriller, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published

The Shock of Night - The Darkwater Saga, #1

One thing that got my interest in "The Shock of Night", a novel by Patrick W. Carr, is the title. In a way, the title makes sense. The story is good fantasy and the characters are memorable. I liked the way the mysterious gift in this story...


Against a Brightening Sky

Against a Brightening Sky is a wonderful book and I couldn't put it down. I loved the historical background to the story and the descriptions were beautiful! I loved her characters and Delia has become such a strong woman. I did not feel li...

4 Stars

Fiery Edge of Steel - A Noon Onyx Novel, #2

Fiery Edge of Steel is the second book in the Noon Onyx series. Book one, Dark Light of Day, set up Noon Onyx's story. In book one we were introduced to a character and a world that has some flaws. Both books keep readers intrigued, enterta...

4 Stars
  • Author: Jill Archer
  • Review by: Missyb0103
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: ACE

Cinderella's Dress

I loved the contrast of WWII history with the fairytale of Cinderella in Cinderella's Dress. I imagined the relics in my mind, picturing the amber necklace and the beautiful dress as they might look on a regal princess. The author did a goo...

4 Stars
  • Author: Shonna Slayton
  • Review by: SavingsInSeconds
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Historical Fiction, * Young Adult, Suspense: Mystery, Supernatural, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Entangled Teen

The Golden City - A Novel of the Golden City, #1

The author grabbed my attention from the beginning of this book due to the dark, gritty background she created for her world. However, it has a major flaw that I could not overlook because it made the book so hard to follow that I was unabl...


Darkwalker - A Nicolas Lenoir Novel, #1

I don’t read a lot of fantasy anymore. They all started to sound alike; a quest with a band of misfits trying to save the world, etc. Now I look for the unusual, the unique. That is what grabs my attention and piques my curiosity. So when I...

4 Stars
  • Author: E.L. Tettensor
  • Review by: Leslee
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Debut Title, * Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Suspense: Mystery, Supernatural
  • Publisher: ROC

Sovereign - The Books of Mortals

Sovereign is the third book in The Book of Mortals series and should be read in order. The fact that I read Sovereign before reading the previous books made it slightly difficult to follow what was happening but Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee are...


Talion - The Daemon World, #0

Lisa Duncan is spending some time with her Aunt and Uncle, who own the Hidden Creek Lodge, a small, isolated resort in Utah. The teenager, a beautiful fifteen-year-old, had gotten into trouble back home so her parents sent her away, hoping...


Wake of the Bloody Angel - Eddie Lacrosse

Never again will I pass on a pirate book. When Angelina, a barmaid, falls in love with Black Edward Tew, a sailor-turned-pirate who disappears, Angelina enlists Eddie’s help to find her lover. When Eddie LaCrosse is asked to find Angelina’s...


Delia's Shadow

This book is one of the best I’ve read in a long time, a mixture of San Francisco history after the great quake and fire in 1906, along with a bit of the supernatural which introduces Delia’s Shadow. Delia ran away from San Francisco after...

  • Author: Jaime Lee Moyer
  • Review by: Mary Lignor
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Debut Title, * Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romantic Elements, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Tor Books

A Clockwork Heart - Chronicle of Light and Shadow, #2

A Clockwork Heart is book 2 in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series. I have to say that this one fails to make a good story. I loved book one and couldn’t wait to read book two. But this one fell so flat that I just had to stop reading...


The Last Grave - A Witch Hunt Novel

This is the second installment of Ms. Viguie's Witch Hunt series. Samantha's struggle between staying true to her faith or the lure of using her magic is a daily battle for her. This is an excellent thriller. From the first page until the l...

  • Author: Debbie Viguie
  • Review by: Robin
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Signet

Cold Days - A Novel of the Dresden Files

Harry Dresden has made a reputation as an unconventional wizard. Why should being the Winter Knight be any different? This wonderfully dense paranormal read is full of action and the requisite good versus evil struggle but has so many delig...

  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Suspense: Mystery, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: ROC

Epic Legends of Fantasy

I love fantasy books. J.R.R. Tolkien and George R R Martin are two of my favorite authors ever. So when I heard George was going to be writing one of the stories in this anthology I jumped on the chance to review it right away. I'll give a...


Last Stop - Watchers #1

After a long and inexplicable illness, David's father suddenly vanished. David's mother has not given up looking for him and continues to make TV appeals to find her husband, but David suspects that he has seen his father. The other option...

  • Author: Peter Lerangis
  • Review by: Crisgee
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Open Road Media

Westward Weird

I very much enjoyed this collection of stories that took place in a mythical old west. This anthology starts with a story that is very much like a typical western tall tale. It also includes tales about faerie tales, science fiction, demons...

  • Authors: Martin H. Greenberg, Kerrie Hughes
  • Review by: A.M. Donovan
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Western
  • Publisher: DAW

Spirit Dances - Walker Papers series, #6

"Spirit Dances" book 6 in the Walker Papers series by C.E. Murphy is a mystical adventure that delves into the caverns of Joanna "Siobhan Walkingstick" walker's shamanistic heritage. I just love the entire premise of this series and "Spirit...

5 Stars
  • Author: C.E. Murphy
  • Review by: Vicci
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Suspense: Mystery, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Luna