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Recruits - Recruits, #1

I really wanted to like “Recruits”. The premise was very interesting but the writing just didn't work for me. The teens are eighteen years old. So for me, I think this should have been written as a high young adult to even new adult, but th...

  • Author: Thomas Locke
  • Review by: CrossroadReview
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * SF: Science Fiction, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Revell

The Game Begins: An Introduction - R. Caine High School Book 1

Author Victoria Danann is at it again! This enchanting book is the beginning of a tale about the Gods of Old, their devious games, and the innocent children who are caught up in their shenanigans. It’s the brilliant start to her new Young A...

  • Author: Victoria Danann
  • Review by: Hitherandthee
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * SF: Fantasy, * Supernatural, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: 7th House

Lost in Wonderland - The Twisted and the Brave Book 1

To be totally honest, this novel took my by complete surprise. It’s intriguing, enchanting, and gave me a whole new view on the mythos of Wonderland. It moves very smoothly, switching from Wonderland to the real world and back again with ea...

5 Stars

Dragonfly Nightmare - Once Upon A Secret Book 1

"Dragonfly Nightmare" is about Allie, a girl with a traumatic past and overprotective parents, who decides to go to summer camp with her best friend and her best friend’s brother. Once they arrive, things feel “off.” With some sleuthing, Al...


Dreadnought - Nemesis - Book One

Our main character in “Dreadnought” is Danny. She is a Trans character. She ends up with powers when the famous Dreadnought dies in front of her. She is then the superhero! This was a great little book that packs one giant punch. That anyon...

5 Stars

In Ruins - Something More, #1

Look forward to having your heart being all gushy to just have it squashed like a bug to just have it inflated again to the point of exploding. “In Ruins” is a great emotional read with a very complex story. Readers get a new adult story he...

4 Stars
  • Author: Danielle Pearl
  • Review by: CrossroadReview
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Forever

The Amateurs - The Amateurs Book 1

This is my first ever read by Sara Shepard and I am very impressed. The notoriety of her Pretty Little Liars series (which is also a TV show) knows no bounds. I really didn't think I would like this book that much. The description was intri...

5 Stars
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • Review by: Sarah Dizon
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Susp: Mystery, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Freeform

Grace and Dignity - The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls, #1

This is a solid story and I enjoyed it. I read the acknowledgments and it says it's based on the idea of a board game. There are plays on words, and the "puzzles" are cute. There is even a section in the back listing the characters and the...


The Delphi Effect - The Delphi Trilogy, #1

This was an X Files government scifi-thriller with spirits! I really loved Anna in this story. Her ability to talk to the dead was really amazing. I love how all the powers flow in this story. It worked out so well. It was never boring or s...

4 Stars

A Girl Called Dust - Book One of the Dust Trilogy

Without giving too much away, “A Girl Called Dust” is about Arden, a girl whose been experiencing weird things over the last couple of years, like waking up to deep scratches in her floor, her best friend telling her she’s not human, but do...


Into Aether - The Trinity Key Trilogy, #1

"Into Aether" pulled me in from the first chapter. I really enjoyed following Theodora (Theo) on her fantasy adventure. She's grown up in Colorado and has recently lost her father. Then her mother goes missing while off on a trip. We soon f...

4 Stars

Forever Sixteen - The Haney Brother Series Book 1

Crazy!!!!! I thought “Forever Sixteen” was your typical young adult story where the girl meets the new boy and BAM instant sappy teenage love! I made an assumption about the story based on the title of the story and read it because J.S. Wil...

5 Stars

Zero - Zero Series Book 1

"Zero" by Morgan Dark is a really great suspense story. It follows the life of Kyle Bradford and also the burglar Zero. Kyle is a student at a prestigious school. His parents are dead and he has been adopted by his mom's friend. Kyle's life...

4 Stars

Supremacy - Supremacy, #1

“Supremacy” started out good with Kate being this semi-naive girl who loved nature and was willing to help a guy out when his bike broke down. Then as it went on I got extremely irritated with Kate and the things she did. She’s supposed to...


Wishing Day - Book 1

I wanted to love this book so much! But the story was just all over the place. Nothing really seemed to have an order and the story was just so confusing because of it. “Wishing Day” started out so charming with a premise that sounded so cu...

3 Stars

The Revenge Artist - Evelyn Hernandez Book 1

Philip Hoy engagingly depicts the volatile world of high school, where emotions run high and vicious gossip runs amuck. Evelyn Hernandez deals with familiar adolescent issues – first loves, trials with parents and friends, her emerging sexu...

  • Author: Philip Hoy
  • Review by: Jane Eliot
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Supernatural, * Susp: Action / Thriller, * Young Adult, Diverse Books, Romantic Elements, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Evernight Teen

Zomburbia - Zombie Apocalypse Series, #1

Perhaps because it's starting to feel like the zombie craze is on its way out...this feels like a last quick grasp onto the fad. Don't get me wrong, spinning the idea that zombies are kind of this background supporting character instead of...

3 Stars
  • Author: Adam J. Gallardo
  • Review by: Emireally
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: Horror, * Supernatural, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: K-Teen

Green Angel - Green Angel, #1

A very odd, very short little story, and aside from the obvious 'time heals most' message, it's kind of sweet.  It is nice metaphor for the message, and the imagery is good, but there's so little of it, I'm not sure what to say about i...

  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • Review by: Roza
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * SF: Fantasy, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Scholastic Press

Wishing You Were Here - Soul Mates, #1

Wishing You Were Here is one wonderful read! I love time travel books and this one was a very fast read! The flow was a little off in places, thought after a while you get used to it and things pan out fine. Wishing You Were Here will leave...

5 Stars

Ward Against Death - Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer, #1

Necromancer, Ward de'Ath finds himself involved in a mystery that seems totally out of his league after waking a young woman from death so that ostentatiously her family could have fifteen minutes in which to say goodbye. However, Celia cla...

  • Author: Melanie Card
  • Review by: Laurie-J
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * SF: Fantasy, * Supernatural, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Entangled Teen

Shattered Dreams - A Midnight Dragonfly Novel, #1

Shattered Dreams, by Ellie James, is a book that took me by surprise. I never thought I would enjoy it, or invest so much of myself in it, as much as I did. After the first chapter, I was hooked and left wanting more, and more, and then som...

4 Stars
  • Author: Ellie James
  • Review by: Books4Betty
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Susp: Mystery, * Romantic Suspense, * Young Adult, * SF: Fantasy, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Incarnate - Book 1

If I can predict one book to pop up all over readers' Best of 2012 lists', Incarnate by Jodie Meadows is it. Despite a slower-than-I-wanted start, this book has it all. Romance, mystery, romance. romance and some more of that. Okay, maybe I...

  • Author: Jodi Meadows
  • Review by: Books4Betty
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * SF: Science Fiction, * Supernatural, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: HarperTeen

Witches of East End - Witches of East End, #1

Joanna and her 2 daughters have always had magic in their lives, and been able to practice magic until the council stripped them of their right to practice magic in their lives and told them they had to blend in with the mortal people and n...

5 Stars
  • Author: Melissa De La Cruz
  • Review by: Sherylyn
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Supernatural, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Hyperion

Flying Blind - The Dragon Diaries, #1

This author hit the nail on the head with the title, "Flying Blind." The reader is introduced to Zoe, your "typical" teenager. Until you start reading. Zoe is anything, but typical. She is a dragon shifter, and not just any dragon shifter,...

5 Stars
  • Author: Deborah Cooke
  • Review by: Angibabi4
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * SF: Fantasy, * Supernatural, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Penguin Group