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An Unstill Life

Livvie made me want to cry. To be so young she had so much going on in her life. So much guilt, pain, responsibility, fear and most of it shouldn’t have even been put on her. Her mother tried her best but I personally thought she could have...

4 Stars

Dreadnought - Nemesis - Book One

Our main character in “Dreadnought” is Danny. She is a Trans character. She ends up with powers when the famous Dreadnought dies in front of her. She is then the superhero! This was a great little book that packs one giant punch. That anyon...

5 Stars


I am not one to get pulled into short stories very often. There just isn't enough space in them to let me come to know and love the characters and care about what they are going through. I don't read too many short stories for this reason....

  • Author: Jackie Nacht
  • Review by: Terrihawk
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Contemporary, GLBTQ, * Romance: Sweet, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Devine Destinies

Obscura Burning

This one didnt impress me much. I did love the cover which is why I wanted to give it a chance. However it was a solid three stars for me. I thought parts of it were confusing. So all in all this one will work out for some people but for me...

3 Stars

Dreams - Dreams of Fire and Gods, Book 1

So it seems that this book is only the second one that this author has written. And let me tell you it is good! He build such a great fantasy world that you just couldn't stop reading it! I just can’t get over how good this book was! I’m lo...


I Call Death Dad

I jumped at the chance to read and review, I Call Death Dad by TA Chase. I am always excited to read anything written by TA, so when I discovered she had written a Young Adult book, I knew I had to check it out. I'm glad I did, because I Ca...


Undercover Assignment

I have a confession to make. I'm a huge fan of AKM Miles. I simply adore all of the characters' she creates, and her sweet and sexy stories are always a consistent hit for me. Ever since I read the first book, Soldier, in the Scarcity Sanct...

5 Stars

Wrestling With Desire

Wrestling with Desire by D.H. Starr is an amazing coming of age story that kept me captivated with it from the first page to the last word. This is the second book I’ve read my Mr. Starr and he’s quickly moving on the fast track...

5 Stars