You Slay Me

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You Slay Me

Aisling Grey, Guardian, Novel - Book 1

Award winning and New York Times best selling author Katie MacAlister writes romance, mystery, and non-fiction books. Her book You Slay Me is a wonderfully written story about an antiquities courier named Aisling Grey that finds out she is a Guardian, a keeper to the Gates of Hell, after she travels to Paris to deliver an antique golden dragon statue for her uncle. Everyone she comes in contact with seems to realize that she is a Guardian. Including a very good looking real life dragon named Drake Vireo who steals the statue out from under her and leaves her with the dead body of her customer and a very confused French inspector. It seems the only person that doesn't realize she's a guardian is Aisling herself.

In trying to clear her name of the murder Aisling also discovers she is to be the mate of the dragon that stole the statue from her. She vows to get the statue back with or without Drake's help to help clear her name. In doing so she conjures up a demon in the form of an irritating shaggy dog along with dealing with Drake and her new found title as well. She makes a host of friends including a taxi driver and healer who offer to help her clear her name.

Plot twist after, plot twist make this a very exciting read. I did not want to put this book down. Katie did a fine job of character development. I was falling out of my chair laughing at the comedic parts of the book and you will as well. Katie does an amazing job of weaving a murder mystery that that will keep you guessing. I plan to read the whole Guardian Series to find out what she has in store for our Guardian next. I was most intrigued with this book and Katie MacAlister will be added to my must buy list.

"Bonjour. I see you have successfully summoned ... a demon?"

I upped the wattage of my smile, painfully aware of the blush that rode in my cheeks. "Yes, well, the summoning went a bit ...awry. This is Jim."

"Yeah, Hi, whatever, I'm not allowed to speak unless Her Holiness there permits me....Fires of Abaddon! Baby, baby, baby!" Jim's eyes almost bugged out of its furry black head as Cecile waddled into the room. Jim did an odd little shimmy toward the surprised looking Corgi. "Are you one hot looking mama, or what? Hey, baby, who's your daddy?"

Book Blurb for You Slay Me

Aisling Grey is a courier enjoying a free, work-related trip to Paris when she learns she's a Guardian. That's a keeper of the Gates of Hell, for those who don't know. She finds this out from Drake Vireo, who's scrumptiously sexy-at least in his human form. Now Drake has stolen the package Aisling was sent to deliver, and she must track him down, get the package, and try to resist the passion boiling inside her.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 5.00