White Tigress

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White Tigress

Lydia Smith is an English woman engaged to a wealthy man who is working overseas to set them up in the orient. Like any woman Lydia likes to surprise her man but this one may backfire on her very badly. She sails to the orient earlier than he is expecting her to arrive and is kidnapped, drugged and sold to a Chinese clothier as a white pet. When she wakes up in a room she sees what looks like a young child attending to her. Upon closer inspection she realizes that it is not a young child, but a young man who barely speaks a word of English. Her Captor enters the room with a dragon emblazoned on his clothes she asks when she is going to be able to go to her fianc‚ she is told that she is a slave to this gentle man and she will be sent away when he is finished with her. That she will begin his training of her this evening then she is to cleaned up and prepared. She fires back that this will not happen and that she is no slave, she is an English Noble. He explains to her what has happened what will happen and she has a choice in what can happen. She can either come to terms with that or she can go back to the brothel. She now belongs to him and she is no one's fianc‚e.

Lydia realizes that Ru Shan is her Captor and there is no way out at this time. She must obey his every whim. He explains that he wants to achieve immortality and to do that he must have her yin. He does not need to take her virginity to achieve immortality. So she will be intact for her fianc‚ if she ever does get to go back to Max. He teaches her breathing exercises and certain techniques of a tigress that will help him achieve what he is trying to obtain. Being that she is an English woman this is all new to her and she is embarrassed to do some of the things he asks her to do. But she must open her body and mind to what he asks her to do and in doing so she may actually reach Heaven her self.

Jade Lee sends us a wonderful story of give and take with White Tigress. It shows the give and take of love between a man and a woman, and what both must show and do. It was a truly awe-inspiring story of compassion and love. I would read it over and over again. I will be putting it on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for White Tigress

Captured and sold into slavery in Shanghai, an Englishwoman finds power through learning ancient Taoist sex practices, and falls in love with her captor.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00