Vengeance Comes

Marco Giavoni is a vampire turned in a battle in 1492 in Italy by a woman that was leading the opposing army his men were fighting. Years later 1842 in another battle he sees the same woman with more of an army than before and kills her. As he does she changes to reveal that she is his sister. She had been turned in a village raid many years before and had turned him as to not be alone any longer. He went to ground as to not harm his friends, men and family and hoping that time would heal his wounds and pain. Many, many years later in 2006 his wife has been kidnapped and being held captive by Alec Von. Although he had been led to believe that she had died in childbirth and her parents had taken the body away because they were afraid he would turn her into what he was. He had no choice but to have their child adopted because he could not take care of her needs in the daytime but yet she was only half vampire and would turn in her late twenties. He later found out that Elizabeth was alive and did find his daughter in her late twenties just when the change was taking place. Alec Von not only has Elizabeth captive but others as well and does experiments on them as well. She is kept in a 10x10 cell and is not allowed to eat or go to the bathroom with out being told to do so. She hasn't been able to go outside and is kept changed to the bed and is fed through an IV so that they keep her weak so that she cannot attack them and get out. Marco has been searching for her for years so that he could reunite his family. But Alec wants to prevent this and has almost succeeded in having her believe that Marco is dead and that her daughter has been taken from her somewhere, and that Alec is trying to help her. Alec finally brings her out into the night air into the gardens outside one day. When confronted with a man that almost looks familiar to her between what the man says and Alec's ranting she gets confused and snaps just as Alec hopes she would and kills the man. This helps her to gain some strength. Enough that when she wakes in another room she is able to get a bit of a mind link to him which confuses her more because she has been led to believe he is dead. What she doesn't know is that Marco is now realizing that she is alive and he is searching for her with a close friend named Darian and that they are near and it is him trying to contact her. Darian is a wolf and has been Marco's friend for years and hers too she just will not recognize him when she sees him. Darian has set up a guide to help them get to Alec's compound named Rian. They are attacked on the way to Rian but she says she had no knowledge of the attacks and when leading them to the compounds goes in circles for a while until asked why then when there they are shot at and she disappears. Rian makes it to Elizabeth before Marco and Darian can and leads her to a shack that is away from the compound that Darian does know of. Elizabeth does not trust Rian but she does keep hearing Marco calling to her and once he convinces her it is him she wants to go but Rian has locked the door and set the shack on fire. When the Person she thinks is Marco saves her even Darian is fooled but Marco has reached the shack and asks Darian where Elizabeth is and he says telepathically that he is looking at her with him. He tells Darian that is not him and to stay right there. Things start to heat up then and there Darian notices that both Marcos seem to know each other and Elizabeth certainly looks more confused now than she was before. She just wants to know who her husband truly is once and for all.

Victoria Rose has brought us yet another fresh take on the ever-growing Vampire myth and legend. She is a bright author and her characters are bold and well written. You feel like you are there amongst the action. It is a very enjoyable read and I will add it to my vampire collection that seems to be ever growing constantly.

Book Blurb for Vengeance Comes

"Elizabeth." Marco spoke very gently, comforting the best he could. It was only a matter of time before the demon within her would reach to become free and take over her entire body and soul. Elizabeth stepped back and looked up at Marco.

"They are turning me into one of them? Why would they do that? Why not just kill me?" she asked.

Marco took a deep breath and slowly let it out then said, "Because they know that I will be the one that would have to kill you and it would not only end your life, but it would end mine as well for I cannot live without you."

"What do we do then? The chaos inside my head has got to stop, Marco. It has to; it's making me crazy." Elizabeth looked at Marco, pleading with him to find the answer that she needed, to say the things she needed to hear.

"We will find a way to fix it. I'm not going to lose you again." Marco once more wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He knew that his time was short and he would have to find answers soon, but he wanted just this moment to hold her in his arms, just in case he never got the chance to do it again.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00