Vampire Trinity

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Vampire Trinity

Vampire Queen Series #6

Joey W. Hill brings us the next in the Vampire Mistress series with Vampire Trinity. Anwyn, Daegan and Gideon are back in the second half of their story, this time their love triangle is in danger from itself and from the Council. Vampire Trinity brings together love, anger and introspection all in one tightly packed plot.

Anwyn, Daegan and Gideon must go to the Council since the Council won’t wait any longer and the big argument between the 3 of them is whether or not Gideon will go. There is risk if he does and risk if he doesn’t. If he does his life could be in danger because he is a vampire killer and the most well-known one, the other risk is if he doesn’t go, Anwyn could have a bad episode with the shadow’s and voices in her mind. Between the 3 of them Daegan and Gideon help her keep her mind in check. Gideon must also look inside himself as to what a true third marked servant is. This will be his toughest battle, one that he has with himself.

The Council is none too happy to have Gideon being Anwyn’s third marked servant even though Daegan assures them she has perfect control over him. The Council tries a few things which Daegan, Anwyn and even Gideon. Either they prove them wrong, show them up on or just irritate them. They send Daegan away on a mission which Gideon has a bad feeling is a double cross. Daegan gives both Gideon and Anwyn orders they must follow or all of them could suffer greatly.

Is Gideon right about Daegan’s mission? Will they all be able to walk away from the Council alive?

A must read series!

Book Blurb for Vampire Trinity

Vampire hunter Gideon Green never intended to become a vampire's servant. But when Anwyn, a woman with whom he shared an unforgettable night, is turned by a vampire pack, Gideon is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of the most terrifying vampires he's ever encountered: the mysterious Daegan Rei.

Daegan has a vested interest in Anwyn. As Gideon and Daegan shepherd Anwyn through her dangerous validation with the Vampire Council, it's clear they must learn to trust each other. But as boundaries erode, Gideon realizes he has become irreversibly changed-by a bond with the two people in his life he can't survive without: vampires.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00