Vampire Bytes

At some point or another in our lives many of us have played some type of Role Playing game whether it be for instance Dungeons and Dragons or and online game like World of Warcraft or countless others. Some of us have gotten so caught up in it that we may have let it bleed over into our normal lives. Some people still have a problem figuring out fact from fiction or reality from fantasy. Jane Greenhill brings us an interesting look into the gaming world of RPG and vampires. Her characters are vivid and full of life. I can’t wait to read any other of her books.

Heath is playing the RPG online game Vampillion. It’s a game rumored to be so intense that some players have started to believe they are true vampires. Brad, his desk-mate at work and friend, who had gotten him into playing the game, keeps telling him he is not a vampire. Heath however does not believe him because of certain things that seem to be happening to him. Like the bite marks on his neck and the sudden dislike for garlic.

He decides to not play the game on Brad’s advice and read a book that night. As he is fixing to walk to the bookstore his neighbor spots him and starts chatting. She then asks him if he could escort her daughter, Greta, as far as the store since she is just leaving to go home.

On their way to the bookstore they chat which gives them insight into each other. Greta proved to him that he is definitely a vampire and that he can use her help with the cause as she knows a lot about vampires. What he doesn’t know is that Greta herself is a vampire and that things are going to be a lot different than he thought.

Will he find out what he wants to know about Vampires from the bookstore? How does he find out that Greta is a vampire? What will be his role in her life?

Book Blurb for Vampire Bytes

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 91
Paranormal Black Miniature
Bored with crunching numbers, Heath Clifford, accountant by day spends his nights with the on-line role playing game Vampillion. The game is controlling his life, but how does this vampire in training tell his soul mate he loves her and wants to suck her neck. Greta, on the other fang, knows heath isn't truly a vamp, but she is. After one night of passionate sex she vows to leave Heath alone but underestimates her soul-mate, who is more determined than ever to free Greta from her curse, even if it means giving his own soul to the devil.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00