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Book One

Risk Leidoff is a shapeshifter that has been sent by his mistress Lusse, who is a powerful witch, to retrieve a witch named Kara Shane. Kara is searching for her sister who has been missing for a week and Kara was determined to find her. She left Guardian’s Keep after questioning the barkeep and the waitress who didn’t seem inclined to help too much. She felt someone watching her when she spun around with her mace in hand. She realized that the person she thought was right behind her was actually 15 feet behinder her. It was a ginger colored dog. She hated dogs and had since one had killed her best friend Jesse years ago when they had happened up on a yard and climbed under a fence. Her sister Kelly had saved her scaring off the dog with a pole, no one knew how. Now she was in the same situation but no Kelly to save her, and just as the dog was fixing to spring a second dog this one silver in color sprang at the other dog saving her. The two dogs fought back and forth the silver one coming out on top. While Kara was trying to reach her car the silver dog seemed to take an interest in her and cut her off. When she noticed that the ginger dog seemed to be waking up she mentioned that to the silver dog and he turned to look and the ginger dog seemed to just vanish. That is when she jumped for her cell phone she had lost earlier but the silver dog knocked her over, which is when she heard a voice in her head telling her that she needed to relax and that fighting would only make it worse. Then she passed out waking hours later under a fur naked.
What Risk didn’t realize was that the other hellhound that was sent after them was his son. He knew who he was just not that he was his son. When Venge returned to Lusse he let Lusse know that Risk had won. But Lusse couldn’t figure out why Risk had not returned with the innocent and completed his task she had set before him. She called to her servant Bader and asked for the horn that would call Risk home. When Risk saw the flyer with Kelly’s picture on it he put two and two together pure identical witches may be able to help him break Lusse’s hold over him. But he had to help Kara find Kelly first he questioned her on how and when Kelly disappeared and what she had been doing up until then. While they were talking he got the call from Lusse, although from what Kara was seeing she thought he was in pain or having a seizure but when she saw him shimmer and disappear she didn’t know what to think. But right before he started to shimmer he told her to take the jeep and go, so that is what she did.
Risk let Lusse know that there was a problem with acquiring the witch. That there were actually two of them and that he was gaining her trust to help her find her sister. So that he could bring both of them to Lusse. Lusse bought Risk’s story and let him go back to Kara. When Risk found Kara she was in Kelly’s basement going through some of her things. She had drawn a circle on the concrete floor with chalk without knowing what she was doing. It had put up a invisible wall between her and Risk. He couldn’t get to her, but he told her to erase the circle when she did and stood up as she fainted into his arms. This was when he started feeling some sort of attraction to her, although they both fight it, it becomes stronger as they search for Kara’s sister. Although finding Kara’s sister is more important than their growing passion and they must put everything on the line to find her.
Lori Devoti is a very talented writer; her characters are full of depth and character. She takes you out of our world and puts you into a world that she has created, pulling you into the moment of what Kara and Risk are doing. Unbound will definitely go on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Unbound

Risk Leidolf is a hellhound—a legendary, otherworldly creature who is both man and beast. For centuries, he’s been bound to do the bidding of an immortal witch. But after being ordered to destroy novice witch Kara Shane, the man within him rebels. And the beast within him is held at bay—for now.
Fiercely drawn to each other, Risk and Kara soon form a passionate alliance as they set out to find her missing sister—and the key to his salvation. For the power unleashed by the twin witches could free him from the immortal witch’s bondage. But that freedom comes at a steep price. For the fierce battle will put more than one soul at stake…and two hearts on the line.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00