Timeless Blue

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Timeless Blue

At 90 years old Jordan Brent wants to go back in time to correct the mistake he made in not pursuing a woman he fell in love with long ago. Instead he married a woman that his family thought would be a good match. He has family roots going back to the most elite members of the east coast and now he had it all. But it was a marriage of convenience; Sheila had never given him any sons to carry on the family name. She was never truly faithful to him but it was his duty to live the life expected of him. His true love Renee Carlson never fit in to his country club Hollywood type lifestyle. She wouldn’t conform to his future nor answer to anyone including him and that was just a few of the many reasons he fell in love with her. He would have made her his wife if she hadn’t died in a crash on that fateful day. But now technology had made it possible to right the wrongs and give him a second chance with her. Hopefully things will turn out the way they should have the first time.
When the doctor returned to him to 2008 he was dumped into a hospital working with patients. Sheila was already trying to turn her charm onto him but he didn’t want it. He had a trip to the island planned because of his fathers wedding and Sheila wanted to go but he wasn’t taking her with him. She wanted to talk about why they were not making any commitments to each other and he didn’t want to talk about it then.
Renee Carlson was an author who lived in the islands that Jordan Brentwood would be visiting very soon. Her sister Lauren was always nagging her to date someone and not keep to her self in seclusion. Renee took her sister to the airport and that is when they saw him but, although Renee thought him good-looking she wasn’t interested. She noticed that he was talking to a chauffeur and thought him a rich snob with the intelligence of an ice cube.
When he saw Renee at the airport dropping off her sister he had to know who she was as she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. But neither Jordan nor Renee had any idea that their chance meeting would collide and change their lives forever.
One day Jordan is in Dr. Westmore’s office questioning her about why Renee was there. He notices people staring at the entrance. There are at two cars that have crashed into one another. He realizes that there will be no survivors. He rushes out of the hospital and into the parking lot and got to the cars. He notices that the driver of one of the cars is Renee and his heart sinks.
With modern technology allow him to save her this time?
Adrianna Ravel is a talented author that digs deep into your heart with every word. She pulls you into the story and makes you feel like you are living it. Her characters are full of warmth and depth and would make anyone feel closer to them. This is definitely one of the best stories I have read and I will keep it for reading again at a later date.

Book Blurb for Timeless Blue

While vacationing in the Caribbean one summer, Jordan Brentwood meets Renee Carlson, a woman who is instantly captivated by him yet keeps her heart heavily guarded. Jordan isn’t used to chasing after what he wants, but something about Renee intrigues him.

Once Jordan realizes that Renee is his one and only love, he suddenly loses her in a car accident that changes his life forever. He falls back into his old womanizing habits, lasting until he is an aged man in his 70's. Technology has progressed and time travel is now possible thanks to a prosperous new corporation. Jordan is given the ability to find and save Renee, the woman he met on a beautiful paradise island in the Caribbean, while finally taking control of his future from under his proud father.

But can the past truly be changed?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00