The Wicked Kiss

Alexa O'Brien Huntress, Book 2

Trina M. Lee gives us a wickedly delicious paranormal ménage a trios romance, between wolves and a vampire. Bring your towels ladies and gents this one will make you sweat. It’s got a perfect mix of male testosterone for the female wolf in all of us, so sit down and get comfortable for a Wicked Kiss.

Alexa is mated to wolf Shaz Richardson and bonded in power to vampire Arys Knight. Her bonding with Arys had given her more power than anyone in town, thus bringing attention to creatures that could use this power and hunger for it. Harley Kayson, Arys’s sire being one of them.

Arys and Shay don’t like each other but they do barely tolerate each other. When Arys finds out what Harley wants with Alexa, he and Shaz have to put their differences aside to protect her.

Will they be able to protect her from the powerful Harley Kayson or will he get what he came for?

Book Blurb for The Wicked Kiss

Alexa O'Brien is a magnet for trouble. Due to the power she shares with bad ass vampire, Arys Knight, power hungry creatures are eager to get a taste of her. That includes Arys' sadistic sire, a vampire that sees her as a toy, perfect for his personal collection. If he doesn't kill her, she just might wish he had.

Alexa is in danger, something her wolf mate Shaz blames entirely on Arys. The tension runs high when an argument blows up into a full physical confrontation between the two men. Alexa learns there is one way to protect herself from those who see her as a walking, talking power trip. Now she is faced with her biggest decision yet.

But can the two men she loves put aside their differences when it matters most? Because this is one sacrifice that will forever alter her very mortality.

Full length novel: 99,000 words / Heat 4 Flames

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75