The Rath of Razors

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The Rath of Razors

Vampire Babylon, Book Five

Dawn Madison and the crew of Limpett and associates are still tracking down the underground in London and looking into the Queenshill school vampires. Della, Violet, Noreen and Polly have been moved now to a safe place since the attack on them at the school. Della and Violet’s power struggle is beginning to be more of a hassle and this time Violet is so upset that the Noreen and Polly side with Della she leaves to contact Dawn for help. While she is talking to Dawn, Della stages her attack having ravens attack and kill Violet. Violet had been asking Dawn to help exact her revenge on them and giving them information that would help bring them down. Both Wolfie and Mrs. Jones the two vampires that were instrumental in making the girls are not happy with Della for doing what she did but Wolfie understands why she did it, although he still must punish her for it. Della has been getting visions about Mrs. Jones for a while now and believes that she is the reason some of their classmates were disappearing. She lets Noreen know what she feels has been going on and shows her some of the visions, this saddens Noreen and she and Della plot to get the other girls thinking about their classmates and asking questions. When one of the other girls comes with Noreen to Della wanting to know what she sees and how she found this out Della shows her what she has seen. They plot to take Mrs. Jones down for hurting their classmates like that they don’t know if they can take her down but they will definitely try.
Will Dawn and the crew find this underground threat and be able to take them down as well?
Chris Marie Green once again gives us an amazing addition to the Vampire Babylon series. Book 5 is filled with action, power struggles and the paranormal. Chris Marie Green continues to write amazing books and is an amazing author. I am glad to be able to add this to my collection of books.

Book Blurb for The Rath of Razors

Mean girls come in all forms—including undead. London couldn’t be further from L.A., but stuntwoman-turned-vampire hunter Dawn Madison knows that her job hasn’t changed—find the local vampire Underground and wipe it out. She and her team have located the vamps’ lair at a private girls’ school and now they have the undead on the run. But the vicious pack is starting to realize that its greatest threat may be from within its own ranks.

Meanwhile, Dawn finds her psychic powers—and urge to hunt—growing. And as unrest rocks the Underground, Dawn begins to fall prey to her own dark desires.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00