The Last Heiress

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The Last Heiress

The Friarsgate Inheritance - Book 4 - End book

Elizabeth Meredith being the youngest of Rosamund Bolton's three daughters is the Lady of Friarsgate in England. She is nothing like her sisters and does not want to go to court when her mother says that she needs to have an heir for Friarsgate. She boldly tells her mother that any husband that she marries must love Friarsgate as much as he loves her and will not overthrow her in that. Rosamund sends her cousin the Lord of Cambridge along with her to help in the finding of a husband for her in Greenwich at the court of Henry the VIII. Elizabeth finds favor and friendship with Anne Boleyn which helps her feel more at home in court because Anne likes her truthful nature although Elizabeth's sister Phillipa would rather she held her tongue more often. She finds a bit of a weakness for a Scotsman named Flynn Stewart, King James V of Scotland's Bastard brother but she realizes that it is not a match because he would never have a full fealty to her and Friarsgate if war broke out between Scotland and England. Once she leaves court to and returns home to Friarsgate the young gentleman Baen MacColl from the Grayhaven has returned to learn more about the cloth trade that she does with her sheep's wool each year. Elizabeth is a bit smitten with him has not forgotten her kiss from him before she left for court. She notices while teaching him some of the things he needs to know he may be the perfect mate for Friarsgate. She decides he will be hers and pursues him he takes some of her advances but always pushing her away before it is too late letting her know that his first loyalty is to his father in Grayhaven. When her Steward Edmund falls ill one evening and Baen helps him to his bed. She has him take over for Edmund until he is at his strength to take over again, which would not be for a while. Much later that evening she tries to seduce him which almost works but again he tells her that he will not ruin her for another man she tells him that she doesn't want any man but him. Baen again tells her that he his first loyalty is to his father above all else and that even if he did love her he would have to leave her eventually for his father's lands.

Beatrice Small gives us an intriguing romance that follows historical timelines well. Historical Romances are timeless ones giving extra to ones imagination and you find yourself stopping and trying to picture what the gowns would exactly look like she is describing in detail. The characters are rich and full of life and you feel as if you are with them at court and in the heather and fields as well. It is well written and I hope to read more of the series and will put it on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for The Last Heiress

New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small presents the conclusion of her highly acclaimed saga of Rosamund Bolton and her daughters with this dazzling tale of passion, intrigue, and seduction. Set against the glorious backdrop of King Henry's sixteenth-century court, The Last Heiress stars Elizabeth Meredith, the youngest Bolton daughter, who will risk everything to protect her beloved Friarsgate.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00