The History of Lucy's Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters

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The History of Lucy's Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters

Lucy doesn't know how to deal with love exactly. She fantasizes about being swept away by Lord Byron of having a torrid love affair with Ovid or even Casanova, but those are only fantasies. In truth she has a boyfriend named Anthony who was only suppose to be a one-night stand not the long love affair it turned out to be. Sometimes she feels it is getting to be a little bit boring. When she goes to bed sometimes he plays the going to bed game, making a list of the men then she goes over the possibilities of who would be the better man with her cat Lyra. She has even included her newsstand guy, but her boyfriend of the past two years hasn't even been included, or even scrapes the top 4. When her boss receives a time machine from a colleague and assumes it doesn't work after they try it out she gives it to Lucy. Lucy takes it home and reassembles it in her flat and tries it out again. She decides to dress for the period this time just in case it does work. She decides her first time travel would be to meet Lord Byron. When she sits down in the time machine to her amazement it works and she is deposited in front of a carriage that is about to run her over, a carriage that is carrying none other than the Poet Keats. He asks her why she was in the street and where she was going? She states she was heading to a party in which concludes it must be the same party he is going too since they are in front of the home the party is at. So Keats escorts her in, which leads her to meet Lord Byron although Keats seems to be smitten with her. She soon realizes that Byron is not the gentleman that she originally fantasized about and when she comes back to her time she some how has forgotten her cell phone back in Lord Byron's time. Having already figured out that text messages can travel through time she sends him a message just to aggravate him. Through the course of the story she also travels to meet Ovid, DaVinci and Casanova as well. Lucy has also taken Anthony on a trip in the machine as well to meet Al Capone, which did not end well. This has her fighting with herself about her feelings about Anthony.

Deborah Wright has written an amazing story of time-travel and love. The characters are well rounded and you feel as if you are right there with them. The historical aspects of the story are written very well. This is definitely going on my keeper shelf, which is ever growing, and I will definitely be looking for more of her works.

Book Blurb for The History of Lucy's Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters

Who would you date if you had a time machine? Lucy's love life needs a boost. When she isn't flirting with the gorgeous guy at the newsstand, she's daydreaming about torrid affairs with Lord Byron and George Clooney—anyone but her boyfriend Anthony. So she does what any sensible woman would do: she steals a time machine and tracks down the great lovers of the past. From Casanova to Ovid to Byron himself, Lucy's dating pool expands to truly historic proportions. But she quickly finds that even the world's most renowned lovers have their limitations—and that her true love may be closer to home than she ever believed.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00