The Goodbye Cousins

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The Goodbye Cousins

Maggie Leffler’s novel The Goodbye Cousins is a story of a young girl, Diotima that was kidnapped by her mother when she was eleven, and taken to Europe, returning later in hopes to find her father only to find out he was murdered. Leffler weaves a great story bringing family together with secrets, romance and change. I loved the way the novel was written and will definitely have it put with the others on my keeper shelf to read again and again.
Di and her two year old son, Max, have moved in with her cousin Alecia and her fiancé Ben. It is a small apartment and is quickly filling up with wedding presents. Alecia is hoping that Di will be moving out soon and keeps asking where Alecia has applied to for work. She even tells her that she thinks she would be great as a nanny finder and lets her know that she would be able to get $1000 dollars per placement. She knows this since most of the women she works with at Channel Four are pregnant and are looking for nannies. Alecia sets her up with an interview with one of the anchorwomen Mazy Roberts and her husband. Di finds out that they are getting a divorce and that Gusty does not want to stay with Mazy but would rather stay with his dad. After the interview Mazy figures out that Di is not a nanny finder, and is upset when Augustus hires her against her wishes. Augustus lets her know that he needs a nanny ASAP because he has to go out of town for a trial and needs someone to watch Gusty now. Di takes the job as an interim nanny until she can find one and until Augustus can get home.
Meanwhile Alecia and Ben are having problems; they are having a difference of opinion about children. Alecia doesn’t want them and Ben does. This and a couple of other things makes Ben think twice about whether he wants to marry her or not and he leaves the apartment. Alecia finds out that she is pregnant but doesn’t tell Ben when he leaves.
What will happen with Alecia and Ben? Will Di actually get her nanny finder company off the ground or will she do something else. What will Di find out about her families past?

Book Blurb for The Goodbye Cousins

A tender, funny, effervescent novel about reconnecting cousins, family secrets, and a season of change

“Your family will find you.” It was the last thing Diotima Linzer’s mother, Roxanne, ever told her. But this was the same mother who kidnapped Di when she was eleven and fled to Europe where her broken-hearted father—and the FBI—would never find them. Now a single mom herself, Di is making a belated return to the States with her two-year-old son, Max, searching for the father she lost. That means moving in temporarily with her cousin Alecia and Alecia’s fiancé, Ben, in a Pittsburgh apartment crowded with wedding gifts.

If that’s not already a recipe for disaster, Di soon finds herself falling for the wealthy, handsome, “nearly divorced” father who hires her as a nanny for his troubled teenage son, while her cousin Alecia, preoccupied by her promotion to television news anchor and a prenup she hasn’t mentioned to her fiancé, has to cope with the sudden reappearance of her estranged mother—who may hold the secret to Di’s parents’ past. Suddenly these two very different cousins—one searching for direction in the universe, the other desperate to stop her well-ordered life from unraveling—are about to discover that the family they thought they’d lost may have found them instead.
Maggie Leffler is a family practice physician in Pittsburgh, where she lives with her husband and sons.
From the Paperback edition.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75