The Brethren Of Tavish

Vampire Coven Book 1

The Brethren of Tavish is a wonderfully written book. The characters are well rounded and bring you into the story as if you were really there. The story flows smoothly tying one part to the next. The plot is well thought out, giving you plenty of action, romance and wonder as well. I will definitely be suggesting this to friends and readers of mine. It will also be one for my keeper shelf.


The Brethren of Tavish is about a young woman who is the last of her family. She is taken in by a vampire who is bent on preservation. Tavish rescues her and brings her into his coven. Her family had to abide by rules of her father which were that sex was forbidden and other things similar and as such was punishable by death. Tavish abhors this and teaches her that in his coven this is not the way. She will abide by his rules only, and that is Sex is not a sin and females must breed in his coven it is law.

Book Blurb for The Brethren Of Tavish

Ice and snow litter the frozen earth in the not-so-distant future. Survival is for those adept at carving out homes within the polar ice caps.

Mercy is the last child of a martyr family. The line must die out—the madness must stop. All have been forbidden to produce offspring by their leader, Mercy’s father. Sex and conception is a sin punishable by death.

A dark evil is spreading across the land. Vampires, in a desperate bid for self-preservation are searching each iceberg, cave and cavern for their highly prized food source. Of particular interest are women of childbearing years.

With Tavish’s first taste of her blood comes the first onslaught of Mercy’s tears. Rules of survival are explained. Complete submission, it is law. Fealty to her Master, it is law. Females must be bred. It is law. Those that cannot breed are given over to the vampires and Anivamps. It is certain death.

Tavish will soon come to realize exactly how far he will go for a little Mercy.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50