The Border Vixen

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The Border Vixen

Border Chronicles Series

Beatrice Small brings us another amazing story in the Border Chronicles, The Border Vixen. The story between Maggie and Fingal is one of timeless passion, the age-old story of fire and ice between two lovers. Small never ceases to bring us an amazing story of love and happiness, and this one is no less amazing. I will add it to my collection of Border Chronicles.
The lord of Brae Aisir needs someone to marry his granddaughter Maggie who is headstrong and full of life. She scares a few of the gentleman around the border because of how she is. The Laird of Brae Aisir states that anyone that can outride, outfight or outrun her may have her hand in marriage. The first guy that Maggie races against she bests with no problem at all, this hurts his pride. He goes to the King spinning a tale to see if he can get the King to send him as the person to marry the young lass and to protect the pass. But the plan backfires on him. The King and his Mistress Jan feel that he is not being entirely truthful. They send his cousin instead.
Fingal Stewart is not a rich man but he is very loyal to the king. He will do as the King commands. When he gets to Brae Aisir he doesn’t find what he is expecting. Can he live up to the expectations? Can he beat Maggie at her games? If he doesn’t what will the Border people think since she will be forced to marry him anyway?

Book Blurb for The Border Vixen

From "a legend" (Linda Lael Miller) in romance, a new novel in the Border Chronicles.

Aware of the covetous interest in his land, the laird of Brae Aisir announces that any man who can outrun, outride, and outfight his headstrong granddaughter "Mad Maggie" will have her as a wife-along with her inheritance. His proposition causes more chaos than resolution, especially when King James II sends his cousin, Fingal Stewart, to compete for Maggie's hand. The competition brings out the fire in both of them, and it doesn't take long for the rivals to become lovers. But there are those who will do anything to gain control of Maggie's inheritance- even if it means getting rid of Fingal Stewart, and his border vixen.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75