Tears of Anubis


Michele Bardsley never ceases to amaze and once again has brought us an amazing creation of paranormal excellence. The characters as always are bold and sizzling and you may need ice while you are reading this Quickie. Tears of Anubis is a page-turner and I read it in one sitting. I will definitely have it in my ever-growing Bardsley set.

Twin brothers ruled the tribe that housed the first tribe that ruled the earth. They were Netra and Otra, when it came time for the brothers to marry; they both wanted the same woman. She was the most beautiful and graceful of all the women in the tribe her name was Eane. She played one brother against the other vying for their attention until each of them hated each other and split the tribe into and went to war against each other. War continued until the gods sent representatives to each brother to try to bring peace between them but only Anubis the half-jackal, half-man god was successful. Otra agreed to grant forgiveness to his brother and his brother married Eane. Netra's heart was not mended by his brother's forgiveness or the peace of the land and invited him to his home and when Otra arrived he pierced his heart. He then hunted and killed everyone that was ever loyal to his brother including their whole families. Anubis helped the survivors by giving them powers to shape shift into powerful beasts at will but Netra created silver weapons to wipe them out. Anubis wept for those that fell by Netra's evil and his tears became a large ruby. He put a spell on the ruby that the jewel could only pass into an Alpha females hands, and only if her heart was one with the man she truly loved. They became know as the Anubinake in honor of the god that saved them from Netra's wrath, and it is said they are still living among us today. Elle Reddington has lost her husband and is now living on a beach in Florida she loves painting especially wolves. She has always had a fascination with them and she has no idea why. Her father used to tell her stories of the Anubinake. Although her mother would tell her they were only myths and legends she still loved the stories. Her parents are gone now her father murdered and mother died in a fire. Her Husband recently murdered as well, she decided to leave and live in seclusion for a while. She keeps having a recurring dream of a man walking up on her on the beach and they are both naked. What she doesn't know is that Xavier Skye the Alpha Male and current leader of the Anubinake is her mate and is living not far from her and has been looking for her for a while now. While she working on a painting one day he makes himself known to her, he lets her know from the beginning that he wants to bed her. Asking her if she would rather be wooed first or if being straightforward is best, she lets doesn't know why but she wants this man in her bed. After their intimate interlude he tells her that he will show her something tomorrow but for the moment sleep as he watches over her. During the night his second in command comes and lets him know there is a disturbance and Xavier now realizes that he must bring Elle into tribe earlier than he wanted too to keep her safe.

Book Blurb for Tears of Anubis

Elle Reddington, desperate to escape the nightmare of her past, finds surcease at night in sizzling sexual dreams of a wolf-man, which hint at an eroticism that leave her breathless, frustrated, yearning for the real thing. When the man in her dreams walks into her life, it opens the door on a past she'd long forgotten.

Xavier Skye is Alpha of the Anubinake, wolf shape-shifters who hide among humans. He has long known the sensual Elle is his mate. Watching her has only fired a hunger in his soul and body that only she can sate.

But trouble is brewing, the survival of the Anubinake depends on the new Alphas, and ready or not, Xavier must bring Elle into his world — now.

Publisher Note: This title was previously published elsewhere, but has been extensively revised.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00