Summer Love

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Summer Love

Gay, Romance, M‚nage a Trois, Alternate Lifestyles

Kimo and Lopaka are back and this time they are excited because Lopaka's twin sister Malhuia is having twins. She has agreed to be a surrogate mother for them and they are very happy and excited that they are finally going to be parents. They are taking a family vacation so Lopaka's sister can have a Summer Love before the babies and her brand new true love arrive. Before they can leave Nicky shows up with baby Kimo upset because Kaiona hit him. This upsets both Lopaka and Kimo extremely enough for Kimo to actually use a cell phone which he doesn't usually do because it unbalances his power some with nature. Nicky states that Kaiona did it on accident because she hasn't gotten any sleep and is under a lot of stress. Kimo told Kaiona over the phone that if it ever happened again she wouldn't live long enough to regret it. Kimo's parents were originally going to stay and take care of baby Kimo while they were gone on vacation. When they realized that they were not going to see the twins for three weeks they decided to all have a family vacation. They called Johnny and Aloha to come and take care of the house and animals while they were away and to let Nicky and Kaiona know where baby Kimo was incase they called to come and get him. The Summer Love that Kimo conjured up for Malhuia was none other than Kamoh'ali'i the brother of the goddess Pele. Ok no more for now - You have to read the book to find out about this awesome vacation!

A.J. Llewellyn never ceases to amaze us with the Phantom Lover series and with his wonderful and sensual sequels that gets better and better as they go on. Kimo and Lopaka seem to have better and better adventures. A.J. makes the stories hotter and hotter and I will keep adding them to my collections any time they come out.

Book Blurb for Summer Love

Hawaiian kahuna and Keeper of Secrets, Kimo Wilder, and his husband Lopaka are expecting twins! Their joy at pending parenthood is shadowed however by Kimo’s fears that somebody will try and stop these children from being born. Already, other kahuna know that these twins will be the most powerful kahuna the islands have ever seen. Lopaka’s twin sister Maluhia, who is the surrogate for the couple, must be protected at all costs. Kimo takes his burgeoning family on a vacation to secret, power vortexes all over the islands, enlisting the aid of the ancient gods and goddesses. Maluhia also has just one request. She wants Kimo to conjure up a Summer Love for her and her romantic choice is unusual to say the least. She wants to bed the ancient shark god Kamohoali’i, brother of the Volcano Goddess Pele. Summer Love is book number three of the sexy, exciting Phantom Lover series.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00