Stolen Magic

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Stolen Magic

M/M,Gay,M/M romance,paranormal,fantasy, tarot

Stolen Magic: Queen of Pentacles is based upon the Greek interpretation of Queen Omphale that used the might Hero Heracles. He was sentenced into servitude, for murdering his friend and, attempting to steal the Delphic Tripod.
AJ weaves his version of the tale set in Hawaii with Manalo and Koa. Manalo owns a tree farm and grows herbs as well there on the island. Koa is a prize fighter known as the ghost but is not openly gay but is known as a womanizer. Koa has a heavyweight championship coming up soon with a Russian that Manalo’s deceased boyfriend, Michael, had fought before. Koa doesn’t find this out till much later. Michael was killed trying to protect Manalo, Manalo’s mother from being shot when four guys held up the restaurant they were eating at.
Koa and Manalo’s paths cross and even though they have to keep their relationship a secret they seem to be falling for each other more and more each day. Koa has a run in with a woman at the gym and goes home with her one day to keep up his skirt chasing image. She doesn’t take rejection very well and when Koa shows up the two days later at Manalo’s surprising him. Manalo wants to take him to a doctor but Koa refuses due to the fact that it would jeopardize his fight. Manalo gets him to see to a Kahuna he knows who would be secretive. Koa doesn’t believe in that spiritual crap he says. But Manalo states he will believe in the guy he is calling, he calls Lopaka and explains the situation. Lopaka takes all the calls for Kimo because his energy was so high and so pure that electronics messed up his mana, or power.
When they reach the Wilder property and Kimo starts asking him a battery of questions and states that they tried to stop his heart. Manalo has already rented a new place to live, so when Kimo advises him that he needs to train in private and to not go back to that gym. Koa states he doesn’t have anywhere else Manalo lets him know he does. 
When Manalo goes to the store he sees the Wilder’s, Lopaka hands him a note, which says that Kimo wants to see Koa as soon as possible. Where will this note lead? How will the fight go? How will attitudes change?
AJ Llewellyn is and awe inspiring author. He will always leave you hanging on the edge of your seat for the next page or even next book. His characters are fresh, alive & full of zing. Stolen Magic is another one of his masterpieces.

Book Blurb for Stolen Magic

Koa “The Ghost Warrior” Guerrero, Hawaii’s top heavyweight boxer is about to challenge Wladimir Petrenko, the most fearsome fighter in the division for the championship of the world. The scales are tipped against him in more ways than one…Koa is a man with a secret. He’s gay and falling hard for his new boyfriend Manalo.

He has another secret, too. Koa has stolen magic from Iolani, Queen of the Underworld, unleashing unholy havoc in his quest for mortal greatness…can Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s hottest kahuna help save Koa from the Queen’s death warrant?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00