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A Steampunk Romance

Katie MacAlister gives us an exciting and zany book in Steamed, where the Victorian era and steam power are alive and well. She gives us a wonderful look into what steam punk really is and how two people from different times can fall in love. This was an exciting and wonderful book and I look forward to reading any more Steampunk romance novels from Katie.

Jack Fletcher is a non-electrical engineer and is working on a very important project when his sister comes in to let him know she has sold him for a date to a wonderful woman she thinks would be perfect for him. Hallie also lets him know that it is for a good cause. It’s to help care and rehabilitate released parakeets. Jack is not very happy about being sold at a charity auction. Hallie starts playing around with what she thinks is a coffee thermos but it is actually volatile Helium that Jack is using to cool his project. When she happens to turn on his project and spill liquid helium on it they are transported to a world that is different from theirs in many ways but the same as well.

Captain Octavia Pye is the new captain of the Aerocorps ship the Tesla and is just getting things going and getting her crew used to a female captain when something happens that she is not ready for. A crew member lets her know that she has two unconscious people on her ship and she has no clue how they got in her hold. As a matter of fact when they come to they don’t have any clue either. Jack and Hal are just as surprised as Octavia is and Hall even more so. He has a bit of a hard time dealing with it.

Once Octavia determines that they are not spies or pirates stowed away to attack and take over her ship she and Jack set about to figure out how to get them off the ship and how to possibly get them home. Jack has an idea about how they got there but he is not exactly certain.

Octavia and Jack find that they are falling for each other and they don’t know how to deal with it completely. They must deal with finding and retrieving Jacks sister. She is to be executed for being a spy.

Book Blurb for Steamed

Katie Macalister takes on Steampunk-and romance gets hotter than ever...

When one of Jack Fletcher's nanoelectromechanical system experiments is jostled in his lab, the resulting explosion sends him into the world of his favorite novel-a seemingly Victorian-era world of steampower, aether guns, corsets, and goggles. A world where the lovely and intrepid Octavia Pye captains her airship straight into his heart...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.75