Star Trek #11 : Yesterday's Son, Vol. 1

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Star Trek #11 : Yesterday's Son, Vol. 1

Yesterday’s Son by A.C. Crispin gives us a new insight into our favorite Vulcan Mr. Spock. Crispin shows us more of his human side in this episode type novel, based on the T.V. show Star Trek. Crispin keeps with the spirit of Star Trek with each characters actions and mannerisms. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any fan.

It has been two years since Spock and McCoy were on Sarpedion; the Enterprise was part of the detail to notify the people of that planet that Beta Niobe was going to Nova. There was also something else that happened that will now affect Spock in a way he is not expecting.

When they were on Sarpedion he and McCoy traveled back 5,000 years ago through a Gateway called the Guardian and he had a son with a woman named Zarabeth, however, Spock did not know of his son. That is until one of the Ensigns’ on the Enterprise, found a painting of a Vulcan where it shouldn’t have been in Sarpedions’ past. This alarms Spock and sets him into motion to rescue his son and Zarabeth.

Spock and McCoy both start acting a bit strangely and Kirk’s interest is peaked when he notices Spock’s performance being a bit off. He then starts to worry and sets about to figure out what is going on and when he does he lets Spock know that he is not doing this without him and that is an order.

Spock must get Federation clearance to be able to use the Guardian to go back in time and get his son and Zarabeth, but to do that he must enlist help from T’Pau on Vulcan, a very powerful woman and part of the federation council as well.

Will Spock be able to save his son? Will T’Pau help him with the clearance for the guardian? What will happen with his son?

Book Blurb for Star Trek #11 : Yesterday's Son, Vol. 1

With the help of the Vulcan leader T'Pau, Spock gets permission to use the Guardian of Forever, a portal through time constructed by a long-vanished race, to venture into the past. On another trip into history, on the planet Sarpeidon, Spock had loved a woman who could not return with him to the future, and now Spock wishes to see the son she bore him, 5,000 years earlier. But a Romulan attack on the Guardian's planet could interfere, unless the EnterpriseTM can keep the Guardian out of their hands.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.75