Slippery When Wet

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Slippery When Wet

Jaycee Anderson is a female racecar driver for NASCAR. She races with the Race Chicks team. It’s an all girl race team and they are really good. She finished fourth overall last season and is planning on knocking off Rory Canyon from the number three spot this season. But there is a problem, her sponsor Revved & Ready thinks she is too much of a tomboy and is thinking of dropping her unless she becomes more of a woman. They want her to be a woman her female fans can look up to. They only see her in baseball caps eating junk food and looking like a grease monkey. It’s time for her to have a fun identity makeover. The sponsor wants her to look more ladylike and wear more up to date clothes and look happy. In all the pictures she always looks focused and pissed off. When her sister Riley tells her this she gets a weird look on her face and asks her sister what is going to happen is she says no. Riley says she would say hello to her little friend and shows her a tazer.
The next morning they go to the Image consultant the sponsor has set up for them. They are to go over everything that needs to be done. The consultant explains that a makeover has been scheduled. It’s explained that the appointments are booked with the best and if the appointments are rescheduled they will have to be with the next best ones on the list. So is stressed to make the original appointments. The waxing appointments didn’t go very well because when the bikini line was to be done Jaycee jumped up from the table. She bumped heads with the salon lady and gave her a black eye. Although she apologized they threatened to press charges and sue. They said she hit the lady although she didn’t. She starts getting noticed a bit more, now by Rory, who doesn’t seem to realize at the time what is going on. Because they are keeping the transformation a secret, her sponsor however has booked her to do an auction for the Happy House Charity function. She is to be one of the people auctioned off for a date. She has to cook dinner for her date. Rory wins the auction and she mumbles through trying to cook. He gives her a few pointers while she is cooking. They end up kissing during her cooking session and she gets so flustered. She tries to leave and he insisted on driving her home. The next day at the track he buys her roses to try to make up for any misunderstanding that may have gone on at his apartment. She realizes that she has been falling for Rory but she needs to keep her mind focused on the race. She also needs to keep her sponsor, but falling in love with Rory has become a distraction. Can she trust him?
Kimberly Raye is a wonderful author. Her stories are full of action and romance. She brings you right into the middle of the story and shows you how both the hero and heroine feel. You will not want to put this book down until you finish it. The book encompasses the whole concept of love in the fast lane. Romance runs to the finish line and this is another for the keeper shelf. 

Book Blurb for Slippery When Wet

Jaycee Anderson is the first female to take the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit by storm, and after finishing fourth overall last season, she has her eyes on the prize: knocking Rory Canyon out of the number three spot. She’ll do anything to see the job done, too, even transform herself from a tomboy into a glamour queen if that’s what it takes to get sponsorship and the edge. Rory’s the kind of infuriating chauvinist who’s just begging to get the pants beat off him by a woman—on the track, at least; Jaycee’s fairly sure he’s never had to beg anywhere else. Not with the millions of female fans who buy his shirts and caps and posters. Rory’s just the type who gets Jaycee’s own pistons pumping, her wheels spinning, and her engine burning oil. With their past, she’s surprised they haven’t already seen a smashup that ended in flames. But this track they’re running has some deadly curves…and it’s getting more slippery by the minute.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00