Reborn to Darkness

Sorin rescuing Nicolette brings back memories of his beloved, Tatiana who died hundreds of years ago. He does, however, feel something familiar from Nicolette. Nicolette dreams of a man that has no face, just eyes and she can’t place them but they seem so familiar somehow. An Enemy from the past resurfaces and threatens to take Nicolette away from Sorin by any means necessary. Sorin will do anything in his power to make sure that he doesn’t lose Nicolette forever.

Crymsyn Heart brings us a passionate story, peppered with action, and suspense in Reborn to Darkness. She brings us into the story making us feel that we are part of the story, with her descriptive characters and scenes. The characters are well-rounded and show bonds between each other that are tender, strong and touching. Reborn to Darkness is a captivating page-turner that I won’t hesitate to read again and again.

Book Blurb for Reborn to Darkness

When Sorin’s beloved Tatiana dies, so does his heart. Four hundred years pass, and Sorin rescues Nicolette from a pack of hungry werewolves. There’s something familiar about her that he can’t shake, and for the first time in four centuries his heart stirs.

Nicolette can’t banish Sorin from her mind. She has feelings and dreams about him she can’t place. Before they can fully realize their strange connection, an old enemy from the past reemerges. He will do anything to possess Nicolette, even turn her into a werewolf. Sorin must stop him or risk losing the woman he loves forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50