Lois Gresh spins a wild tale of love, lust, reincarnation and a bit of mystery in Dusk. Dusk mimics Romeo and Juliet in that it follows the forbidden love story that everyone loves. I loved the way Lois mimicked the age old story but added her flair to the point that she made it her story.

Alexandra Leveau is the direct descendant of Marie Leveau a powerful voodoo priestess. While sitting with her friends, Skipp and Naomi she sees a very good looking hot guy digging something silver up out of the riverbed. Skipp tells her that his name is Vadim Blerinca. As her inebriated friend Naomi loses her balance and starts to fall over the side of the bridge railing Alexandria can’t believe her eyes as all of a sudden Vadim has moved from where he was on the riverbank to catching Naomi. Vadim plants suggestions in her mind that they shouldn’t get to know each other because she has bad blood. This infuriates her.

Vadim Blerinca is a vampire and has been around for a while. What Alexandra doesn’t know is that their families have been feuding for years…hence the term “bad blood”. She also doesn’t know that her best friends are wraiths and are tied into her existence as well. Alexandra’s Uncle Frenchie tells her that she needs to stay away from Vadim because he is a Blerinca and Blerinca’s and Leveau’s don’t mix. She doesn’t quite understand why both Vadim and her uncle keep telling her that.

Her uncle gives her a ring that once belonged to Marie Leveau. It has three very expensive stones in it. When Alexandra puts the ring on she starts feeling and remembering things that she shouldn’t even know. She starts hearing Vadim’s voice in her head, which she didn’t think was possible.

What is going on between the two families? Why does her Uncle Frenchie and Vadim’s father want to keep the two of them apart? What does Vadim mean by she has bad blood?

I’m not going to tell you…but this is a must read.

Book Blurb for Nightfall


Forbidden love, yearning desire, and seduction. Born from an ancient voodoo priestess clan, Alexandra Leveau falls in love with sexy vampire Vadim Blerinc. But these two are a dangerous match, and making love could literally kill them.

And then local townies begin to die. Can Alexandra and Vadim save the people around them? Can they overcome the curse that has hung over their families for centuries? Can true love conquer bad blood?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00