Night Rising

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Night Rising

Vampire Babylon, Book I

Chris Marie Green brings to light a new twist in the vampire genre with Night Rising.

Dawn Madison is called back to Tinsel town to help search for her father who has recently gone missing while investigating a case. He has been investigating a bizarre sighting of a child star named Robby that was supposed to have been dead for a while, but has been recently seen in a newly filmed movie.

While working with her father's co-workers Kiko, and Breisi, Dawn learns that vampires are not all just myth and legend. Their boss is never seen only heard and, teaches her how to use her mind to keep people out that she doesn't want in. She also learns that Kiko has had a vision concerning her and the vampires. They get a tip from an actress named Klara; she was a co-worker of Robby's, who lets them in on bit of information on Robby and his father and how they acted on the set and etc. with other people. They were less than private with their advances to people about things that should be kept private.

There is another PI roaming around named Matt Lonigan the firm can't figure out if he is on the up and up or if he is working for the vamps as a servant. But he has an eye for Dawn and keeps giving her information that makes sense to her.

The vampires have created a world for themselves they call the Underground and the Master rules it and his Second in command Sorin. They also will bring in any people that would wish to reinvent themselves years later for a price. So, as was the case with singer Tamsin Greene.

Klara winds up dead a few days later after giving the information about Robby and his father. When Dawn and Kiko go to the Bava Bar to see if they can get a bit more information about Robby they run into Robby himself, the vampire version. There is a bit of a tussle and Kiko is hurt badly luckily Dawn is trained in taking falls and draws Robby away from Kiko and talks him into going to see his mother. Kiko is sent to the hospital and Dawn goes with Breisi to see Robby's mother to see if they can help Robby to be at peace finally.

Chris Marie Green shows us that vamps are not all myth and legend in Night Rising. Night Rising was a riveting attention getter and one that I could not put down easily. Being the vampire fan that I am I was glad to see the new twists to the vampire genre that were added instead of the age-old kill'em with sun and stake'em through the heart type scenes. Green takes it a step further with each type of vamp that she introduces with each turn of the page. I will definitely want to read anything else that Chris Marie Green writes.

Book Blurb for Night Rising

In this first book of an all-new trilogy, life proves stranger than the movies when a Hollywood underground coven of vampires comes to light-and gets targeted by the tough-as-nails daughter of a sexy screen siren.

Stuntwoman Dawn Madison hasn't been on the best of terms with her father since her movie star mother died. Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting-caught on film-of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him. Working with his odd colleagues, she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on the screen.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 5.00