Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chapter Three

Book three in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Series

D. J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn bring back Zero and Stride in the third installment of the Nibiru Vampire Warrior Series. These two never ceasing to amaze, the characters they bring forth are captivating. They provide a riveting story that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Zero continues to fight against being Stride's blood slave and at the same time he fights his feelings for his vampire captor. Zero becomes captured and must be saved by Stride, which is no small feat. While escaping they dodge dinosaurs and run through ectoplasm only to run into a ghost ship from the 1800s that had been lost at sea and never found. Only the people don't seem so ghostly at the moment. Will they be able to continue on and get to safety dodging Zero's jailer on the way?

Book Blurb for Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chapter Three

In the third chapter of Blood Slave, nothing on this alien planet is as it appears to be. Danger and death lurk at every turn. Zero discovers new and frightening aspects to Stride, even as he finds himself more and more hopelessly ensnared by the voracious vampire.

Chapter Three sees Zero taken captive in a terrifying underground warren for blood slaves. He encounters a surprising jailer in charge of ‘milking’ the blood donors for the vampire queen. Zero seems doomed to a painful fate until he is rescued by Stride.

On the run now from his captors who badly want Zero’s blood, the two vampires find deadly traps with almost every step. Even so, Zero alternately resists and embraces Stride’s sexual dominance. Becoming lovers finally, their passion rages quickly, but soon turns to panic with their savage jailer hot on their trail. The strange planet on which they have become stranded reveals new and increasingly weird elements, including a huge passenger ship on which they sail to safety...or do they?

Reader Advisory: This book is part of an ongoing serial series, best read in order as it continues.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00