Midnight Reign

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Midnight Reign

Vampire Babylon II

Chris Marie Green brings us the exciting sequel to Vampire Babylon with Midnight Reign. Dawn, Kiko, Breisi and The voice return to give us a story to remember. They are still searching for Frank but now they have found even more than they originally thought in the underground of Los Angeles, a society of undead. She is still not sure what to think of Jacqueline, the young actress that looks so much like her deceased mom, Eva Claremont that is trying to befriend her and is breaking into the biz. Things are getting more hectic now that a new slaying has taken place one that bears the marks that resemble vampire bites. It also resembles a previous killer but is a bit different than the Lee Tomlinson’s murder. These ones just cleaned up after themselves a bit more than Lee did. Matt Lonigan also appears helping Dawn as he did last time with bits and pieces of information and takes more of an unexpected role in the story. Kiko is still recovering from his back injury and must wear a back brace and he seems to be becoming addicted to the painkillers his is taking. Both Breisi and Dawn have noticed this and have made comments to him about it with responses that they did not like. They now had to watch him whenever they went out to deal with the vampires and such, but not as to let him know it. Jacqueline calls Dawn and asks her to accompany her to a party that she is attending for a movie she is in because she is nervous because she will not know anyone there. Dawn accepts with prodding from Kiko, albeit reluctantly. While at the party Dawn gets a partial mind wipe. When Dawn wakes up from the mind wipe she finds herself at Jac’s house with her bodyguard wanting to know what is going on and how she got there. Jac explains that she went to get them drinks and when she came back she found her passed out, Dawn figures that someone slipped something in the original drink she had. Dawn figures Jac knows more than she is leading on and she will stop at nothing to figure it out.
Chris Marie Green is a bright and talented author and I am very happy to be able to review her books. Midnight Reign is a great sequel to Night Rising and you will be both shocked and dismayed at the twists she has put into this bit of written excellence. I will happily put this among all of my other keepers of my ever growing keeper shelves. I think I need to make a new shelf, as this keeper shelf is getting full of new and wonderful books and authors.

Book Blurb for Midnight Reign

Dawn Madison reluctantly comes to Los Angeles in search of her missing father and finds instead a world of murder and the living dead she had never imagined existed. When a new vampire slaying lures Dawn deeper into the underground, her alliances in the sunlit world shift.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00