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Maledicte is dark rich tale about young love spurned that will not be torn asunder by anyone not even parents. A young man removed from the merchant's relicts to be taken back to his father in the courts of Antyre Janus is torn away from his love and the Earls kinsman leaves her for dead. Once healed she makes her way towards her love but enters the wrong home coming face to face to the one that will help her and keep her secret for years to come, Baron Vornatti and his servant Gilly. Although when she enters she is dressed as a boy and carrying a black sword which she means to kill Lord Last with and reclaim his son Janus with. The only name she will give to them is Maledicte to help hide the fact that she is really a female, Baron Vornatti asks her reason for wanting to run Lord Last through she lets him know. He is truthful in letting her know that Lord Last is not at Lastrest and has gone off to another one of his homes for the winter to have his son trained in the ways of the court. Baron Vornatti strikes a deal with him to train him in what he needs to know to get the job done, seeing as how they have the same goals in mind in seeing Lasts demise as an eminent. Vornatti does find out that Maledicte is a girl but vows to keep it a secret by any means possible as long as the deal is kept to the letter. Vornatti does how ever revel in holding it over Maledictes' head and never does find out the real name for the girl.

Lane Robins did an excellent job of conveying the dark recesses of Maledictes mind and what a lover can go through when she or he loves someone so much she or he is willing to kill to keep them. Robins' characters were intelligent and appealing showing zeal and zest for life. It was a most entertaining and passionate read that I won't hesitate to pick up and read again and again; it is truly a keeper from a very gifted author.

Book Blurb for Maledicte

From a dazzling new voice in fantasy comes a mesmerizing tale of treachery, passion, intrigue, betrayal, and an act of pure vengeance that threatens to bring down a kingdom. Seething with decadent appetites unchecked by law or gods, the court of Antyre is ruled by the last of a dissolute aristocracy. But now to the kingdom comes a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, whose perfect manners, enchanting charisma, and brilliant swordplay entice the most jaded tastes . . . and conceal a hunger beyond reckoning. For Maledicte is actually a woman named Miranda–a beautiful thief raised in the city’s vicious slums. And she will do anything–even promise her soul to Black-Winged Ani, the most merciless of Antyre’s exiled gods–to reclaim Janus, the lover whose passion still haunts her dreams. As her machinations strike at the heart of Antyre’s powerful noble houses, Miranda must battle not only her own growing bloodlust, but also her lover’s newly kindled and ruthless ambitions. As Ani’s force grows insatiable and out of control, Miranda has no choice but to wield a weapon that may set her free . . . or forever doom her and everything she holds dear.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 5.00