Make Mine a Double

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Make Mine a Double

Rookery Cove

Make Mine a Double is about two Dragons named Brim and Stone who are nearly one century old and live on an island under a factory. The heart is the very soul of the island the very essence of Rookery Cove and all that live on it. Brim and Stone have been guarding it for nearly a century. As they near their one-hundredth birthday they are experiencing the quickening although they are shape shifters, they are doomed to human form until their hundredth birthday unless they can complete a sexual triad with a female chosen and brought to the island by the heart.

Charli Macguire seems to be that female; her overprotective male relations leave her with a non-existent love life. She would love to fulfill her wildest fantasy of making love to two men at the same time but she knows that could never happen in this life time. When Charli wins a contest sponsored by Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs to Halifax a tour of the factory and a $500 shopping spree, she can't believe her eyes and decides that she will go because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When she arrives on the island her she waited in a waiting area for a bit and then her tour guide Elwyn took her on a tour of the factory for a bit and then he was told that he had been given permission to show her the exclusive fantasy room. No one outside of Rookery Cove had ever been invited to see it before. He explains that in this room her darkest deepest fantasy can come true. He explains that in this room if she sits on the bed and makes a wish she may get it. So she stayed in the room and wished for her favorite sexual fantasy of having two men at once. When nothing happened right away she felt foolish and tried to walk out of the room but walked near the actual room that Brim and Stone were in. She felt a bit giddy and went back to her room; she started looking through the drawer at the adult toys that were in the nightstand next to the bed. While she was looking at them Brim and Stone came into the room without her knowing and startled her. Once they had helped her up off the floor they noticed that she was holding one of the toys in her hand and one said to the other that she looked like she was ready to play...

Michele Bardsley always gives us the best her imagination has to offer and gets our imaginations and our motors running. She never ceases to amaze us with her quick wit and exceptional writing. Brim and Stone have exceptional characteristics and humor to them. She makes them feel as if they are real characters that are popping right off the page to greet you. This is another of her great works and needs to be added to the keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Make Mine a Double

Brim and Stone are dragons who were hatched on the island nearly a hundred years ago. Now, they live in the dark caverns below the factory, guarding the Heart, which is the very essence of Rookery Cove. As their first-century birthday approaches, Brim and Stone are experiencing the quickening. They desperately need a female to sexually facilitate their joining so they can complete their permanent transition.

Thanks to her overprotective male relations, Charlotte "Charli" Maguire's current love life is non-existent. She yearns to fulfill her fantasy: Hot sex with two men. Hah. She might as well wish to visit the moon. Then Charli wins a contest sponsored by Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs: An all expense-paid vacation to Halifax, a tour of the factory, and $500 worth of sex aids.

During the tour, the guide takes her to the "fantasy room." Charli finds herself the sensual participant in a threesome with two gorgeous men. Forget the sex toys. Forget the nearest exit. These two hunks are better than any prize!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00