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Book 2

Kat is back in Inferno and she is now ready to get the cure for the deadly virus that is plaguing her and threatening to take over her body. She has not yet turned into a dark dweller although she does have some of their symptoms. She now has extra strength, sensitivity to light and she is fighting the thirst for blood. She also has their lightning quick speed.

Baruch the dark dweller leader wants her back and will stop at nothing to find her. She knows that she must go to Inferno city to get the cure for the virus because Onyx is the only man that has the cure. The only man to help her is Hades and he is in a remote city when she travels to find him she realizes that he may have moved on.

Luecothea is a girl from a city they visited when they were trying to retrieve the Monolith from Baruch. She can't stand being away from the water for too long and the sun is too harsh for her. She is literally like a fish out of water. She likes to follow Kat around whether Kat likes it or not. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. This time some of Baruch's men follow Luecothea to where Kat is and they attack the town, and take Kat captive. They take her to Inferno where Baruch is with the person who runs the underground city, Satarah. Once there she realizes that things are not always how they seem and she must get away from Baruch as soon as she can because not only does she hate him but he is trying to make her let the virus take over and that is something she wants. Hades and Luecothea are on the way and want to help their friend as much as possible. When things take a weird turn and Satarah starts helping Kat things start to get dicey in the city of Inferno.

This is another of Vivi Anna's action packed hot and steamy sci-fi romance stories. She always takes us on a wild ride with Kat and Hades through whatever adventures they share. The characters are vivid and bold with tons of character added to them. This is definitely one to add to the keeper shelf along with any more of Vivi Anna's books that come along.

Book Blurb for Inferno


The sexiest, smartest, leather-clad hell-raiser ever to walk the post-Apocalyptic Earth is always on the prowl for enemies and sexual conquests. But now Kat is chasing something very different-and far more dangerous. She's caught a killer virus and only one man has the cure-a scientist called Onyx who dwells in the deadly city of Inferno. If she's going to make it there alive, she'll need the help of Hades, her favorite lover-a man who's big, mean, and hotter than hell. But he won't help her for free-he wants her body and her heart, and he's not going to settle for anything less than a lifetime of pleasure. Because once they enter the Inferno, they may never come out again.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00