Hungry Tigress

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Hungry Tigress

Part of a Series, but can stand-alone.

Joanna Crane was tired of being her rich daddy's showpiece and wanted to do something for the people of China. So she did food. She went in search of China's Boxer Rebellion what she actually found instead was anti-foreigner bandits who seemed to want to kill her more than let her join them. She is saved by a Shoalin Monk who turns out to be much more, but before she can reveal what she believes he truly is he cuts off her voice temporarily. He then takes her to the Tigress Shi-Po telling her that Joanna wishes to learn the Tigress ways in secret from the greatest Tigress in China, then all that was left was to deliver his message to the Tigress about her brother, along with his gift to her family. Then return to his family in Peking & honor his family, but all did not go as planned. When he shows the scrolls to Shi Po's husband Kui Yi sees the blood on the scrolls, and states that he has brought evil tidings to the home and tells on of the servants to get his mistress that they are accepting an imperial gift. Then Zou Tun explained he was the last surviving Monk of her Brother's Monetary. Soldiers had come in the middle of the night believing they were training revolutionaries from the White Lotus Society; her brother's last dieing wish was for her to have the sacred scrolls. Shi Po asked him if he wished to learn the other side of what the scrolls had to teach and if not was he to discharge his task. He said he could not discharge his task that was given to him by his master. He said he would stay and learn and therefore finish the task set forth upon him. Shi Po told him since he had brought a barbarian into her home she would be his partner. He asked her if she meant to shame him. Her husband also gave a slight reaction but it was not noticed because she had left the room. When Joanna awakened her throat was very sore and she couldn't talk and if she tried to breathe deep it hurt worse and felt like it was closing up on her. When she saw Zou Tun she panicked and the breath got worse he told her to calm and breathe shallow and the pain would lessen and she would be able to breathe normally, otherwise her throat would contract and cut off her air supply. He explained they were both captives in a way. He explained that if they tried to escape they would be stopped at the door of their room. But if they did these particular exercises they would be able to leave sooner. Joanna did not like the idea of these exercises and tried to attack him at one point his reaction was to pinned and tied her to the bed. He explained to her just what the exercises were and that he would help her with hers. Shi Po was not happy with the first nights results, she informed him she would do the barbarians exercises herself Zou Tun did not like this as he had told Joanna he would protect her at all costs. He advised Shi Po that no he would take care of this himself that her assistance was not needed. Zou Tun explained that to Joanna once more and she agreed this time to the exercises and promises of escape. That's it for now - You will have to read the book to find out more. Just wait you will be pulled in like I was.

Jade gives us yet another amazing Tigress book in the Tigress Erotic Romance series. Zou Tun and Joanna Crane's story is another hot and steamy tale and yet another perfect example of how Jade Lee is an exemplary writer. She never ceases to amaze. With this addition to the series each character she adds to the series adds new depth and new light to the series. Each book can stand-alone but also interlocks with the other books. Hungry Tigress is one book that goes next to the others of this series on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Hungry Tigress

When a bored nineteenth-century American heiress travels to China to help overthrow the Qin dynasty, she is captured by a Manchurian spy who spirits her off to teach her the ancient sensual practices of Taoism--and the timeless truth of love.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00