Highlander Ever After

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Highlander Ever After

Princess Zarabeth is in danger from her husband hurting her or killing her. She is in hiding from him in Scotland. Her cousin, the King of Nvengaria, has sent her there under guard and in secret to keep her husband from having her killed or captured. She is currently under the protection of Egan MacDonald an old friend of the family. She has never been able to hear his thoughts but she knows he is a trustworthy and honorable person. She has always thought he was very good-looking guy ever since she found him hurt when she was a young girl in. Her family nursed him back to health and he left loving her although she did not know it, as well he did not know that she loved him. Now their paths are crossing again and passions are high but now he is infuriating her by letting her know that if she doesn't quit with her vixen ways she will no longer be a virtuous woman. When one of the visiting families daughters is kidnapped because they believer her to be Zarabeth, Egan tightens the guard around her. Zarabeth doesn't realize how much he does love her and doesn't want her hurt in any way. Baron Valentin is a logosh, which is a person that can shape change he was sent from Nvengaria to accompany Zarabeth to make sure she got to Egan alive and well. He is also one of her protectors. Between the two of them she knows she is well protected until Valentin disappears and Egan finds him shot. When he brings him back to the house he tells them he doesn't know who shot him only that he surprised them. When Egan goes looking he notices that the shot came from the tunnels under Castle MacDonald. This makes Egan not let Zarabeth out of his sight for one moment, now he seems to be showing her his true side.

Jennifer Ashley has given us a great romantic historical novel, tartans and all. She is a wonderful writer helping you to have a wonderful fantasy as you read. You will feel as though you are right along there with the hero and heroine of the story. Highlander Ever After is full of life and is a page-turner. It is one that I will add to my ever-growing keeper shelf and Jennifer Ashley will be another author I will be looking out for.

Book Blurb for Highlander Ever After

Zarabeth has always loved Egan McDonald, the one person whose thoughts she's never been able to read. Now, fleeing from a husband who wants her dead, her only refuge is in Egan's remote Scottish castle.

The third book in the Nvengarian trilogy which also includes 1. Penelope & Prince Charming and 2. The Mad, Bad Duke.

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Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00