Healing Hands

Book one in the Enchanted Lovers Series

Kris Norris is a very talented author giving us a hot and steamy story in Healing Hands. It weaves a story of love at first sight, loyalty and hot and steamy romance all together in one torrid romance story that I am sure anyone will love.

Mira isn’t like her sisters and her mother Queen Vestna has a plan that will get rid of her and still make sure that they keep their magic as well. Mira must lose her virginity before the Ritual of Sisterhood or lose her life. A tutor will be provided to Mira so that she can lose her virginity within 5 days or be humiliated in front of everyone.

Keegan is a Garinthian that has been captured and tortured. Vestna thinks that he will be the one to fail Mira in her Rite of Passage. However, when Keegan awakens after being healed by Mira he realizes that the curse set upon his family is drawing him to Mira. Once he learns exactly why Vestna wanted him to be the tutor for Mira he changes his tune about helping her. He also realizes that she is the one for him. She is his soul mate and he must claim her and make her his as well as get them both away to safety.

Can he get them to safety? Will he be able to help her through the Rite of Passage safely? Will Vestna’s prediction come true?

Book Blurb for Healing Hands

Mira has only five days to lose her virginity, or face certain death...and only one man is up for the job. 
Shunned by her Kingdom because she's been given the gift of healing over fire, Mira anxiously awaits her freedom. All she has to do is complete her Rite of Passage and pass the auspicious Ritual of Sisterhood. There's just one catch. If she doesn't lose her virginity before the Ritual begins, she'll die. And just her luck, none of the Kingdom's tutors will touch her. 
Hoping to ensure failure, Mira's been given a tutor with a curse of his own. Hailing from Garinth, Keegan's plagued with a serious problem. His body only reacts to women who possess certain qualities. So when he wakes to find himself imprisoned in a Kingdom ruled by witches, he can't imagine how any of them measure up. But then, he never counted on Mira, or the way his body comes to life, filling his head with delicious images of seduction. 
He'd love nothing more than to tame this pretty little witch, but can he claim her before their time runs out?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.75