Guardian Of Honor

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Guardian Of Honor

The Summoning Series - Book 1

Alexa Fitzwalter was a lawyer who never really understood languages in school so when she was pulled mysteriously into another world trying to figure this language out was no picnic either. She did know one thing though these people were not going to push her into something she did not want to do and that was a final on her part. She had already been forced through a series of tests, and now they wanted her to choose one of these batons in front of her. When she looked over them she kept going back to the jade baton each of the batons were unique in their own way all imbued with magic but all different but when she picked up the jade baton it flared to life. Everyone in the room seemed to be pleased including the one they called Marwey and most everyone in the room had been wearing one except Marwey and another. She was lead out of the room and upstairs to sleep which she was glad to have. While she was sleeping a pink fairy that she could understand explained where she was and a few things to her. Told her she could make a place for herself here she would be able to help people.

The next morning the voice was still in her head and then as various different animals that she new. She was able to understand the other people because of the thoughts of the fairy called a feycoocu. With the help of the fairy she understands that she is now a Marshall, which is a very important position in this world. The other Marshalls helped her understand she had been summoned to help them with there fight against the monsters they have been fighting for so long but they now need help. They need someone that can mend the fence posts along the borders of the land.

Alexa could feel that she had her own place there in Lladrana she could feel the song as she was being taught things were happening she was not quite used to but it was feeling natural to her here more than on earth. She thought of asking to be sent back but something was drawing her to stay.

Robin D. Owens puts such wonderful depth into her chars you feel as though you are there with them in the midst of the story. Guardian of Honor was an entertaining read and it held the readers attention with every page. Each riveting struggle and fight that Alexa was put through was very detailed and very descriptive to help us understand what she was doing. It will definitely be a series I will keep on reading.

Book Blurb for Guardian Of Honor

With their magic boundaries failing and terrible monsters invading, the Marshall of Llandrana must follow ancient tradition and summon a savior from the Exotique land . . . For Alexa Fitzwalter, the Marshalls' call pulled the savvy lawyer into a realm where she barely understood the language, let alone the intricacies of politics and power. Armed only with her wits, a mystical companion and the help of the chevalier Bastien, Alexa must use her very human mind and skills to fight the encroaching evil—and resist manipulation by the Marshalls to force her to stay in Llandrana. Now torn between her affinity for this realm and Earth, will she return home if given the chance? Or dare she risk everything for a land not her own?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00