Demon Seed

Good Will Ghost Hunting 1

Kalyani Martin is a preacher’s daughter and not just any preacher’s daughter. Reverend Kenneth Martin is head shepherd of the First Evangelical Baptist Church of Christ. He tries to keep a tight reign on his daughter, from who she dates to what she does for a living. He even has who she is going to marry in mind. He got upset when she decided to go to Ohio State for College instead of in state where he could keep an eye on her. Her mother helped her with it as well as her academic scholarship.
She is a paid administrative assistant for a network and her father is not enthused but is happy she is still living in Columbus. But when she lets him know she had accepted an assignment in Tampa to work on a show there he totally loses it. She purposely tells her parents what the show is about because he would definitely call it the Devils Work. The bonus of moving to Tampa is that she will be away from her father and living on her own. The network has rented her an apartment and a rental car as well. She is on her way and happy to be getting out from under her fathers thumb and on her own.
Will Helloboek is the co-host to Otherworlds the show she was to be working on. He seems to make sure that he investigates the sites and is not as ready to say there was a supernatural as is Aidan Faust the shows goofy host. Will is not too happy to be having a producer on the show at all and both he and Aidan think that the producer is going to be a man by the name. They had said Kal Martin instead of her full name, so when she arrives Will realizes that she is indeed the producer. He flips out calling for Aidan to handle it, and then walks away from them both. Aidan tells her Will just doesn’t work for women and she becomes is a bit peeved. She says that Ryan Ausar told her this wouldn’t be a cakewalk with Will, and he didn’t have the authority to order anyone off the shoot if the network assigned them. Aidan makes an agreement with her and the started off to work.
Aidan goes to Ryan and asks him why he hired Kal when he knows that Will doesn’t like working with women. Ryan tells him he had his reasons and that he doesn’t owe him an explanation. She is an innocent and knows nothing about the Firm. She only thought he was a network exec.
Kal’s apartment is fully furnished with all the amenities and Internet for a year so she can just put most of her salary away in savings. She is exhausted after the shoot and goes straight to it after flying in. She wakes up the next day when her parents call and check in on her. She reminds them that she will not be calling every day but that she is ok.
Aidan had made a space for a desk in his office for her so that she will have somewhere to work. She and Aidan hit it off although Will is still hard to get a handle on.
Her parents call again and her father tries to guilt her in to calling everyday. When she tells him she wouldn’t he gets angry and tells her to stop talking back to her father and tries to push her under his thumb again. She is bound and determined not to let that happen.
Ryan calls her just to see how things are going. She tells him things are going fine and he has pegged Will on the nose. She hopes she can get him to warm up to her. She calls her best friend before she leaves for work. They talk about how things are going and how her parents are reacting.
When she meets Aidan at the office she lets him know that this job depended on her career in the business. That she has to make this work if she wants her own show. She also talks to him about her mom and dad and how things are with them.
Will, Aidan and Ryan as well as two others on the crew are Archdemons. This is part of the reason that Will doesn’t like being around women. When a Archdemon looses a soul mate it is physically painful. Will has lost his soul mate Abby 25 years ago. She was murdered and he did not make it to her in time to save her. He wants to die so that the pain will be gone. No one told Kal about Abby and why Will had a problem with being around her because they knew Will would be upset if they did. They just said he was a very private person.
On one shoot she has enough of his brooding. When he doesn’t show up for one of the production meetings she goes up to his room and demands that he come down to the meeting in 5 minutes and that he give her a little respect. He apologizes and says he will be right down. He not only makes that production meeting but others after that as well.
While riding up in the elevator to retrieve a camera the elevator stops and the lights go out. She panicks as she feels a cool breeze and someone says HELLO. The others finelly get her out of the elevator and Aidan say’s he will go up with her.
On one of the next locations one of their crew says he felt and saw something up in one of the rooms they are investigating. When Will and Aidan go up to investigate they see nothing. So they send Kal up with some equipment to check it out, while she is up there something scares her and she passes out. This scares Will so much that he is the first one to get to her. He finds that she is soaked with sweat. When she comes too she is combative.
They all reviewed that footage while Kal sleeps. They definitely see something attack her. When she wokes up her hands are swollen and bruised. She feels like she has not slept at all.
Aidan says someone had been attacked across from the hotel the night before and that could have had something to do with it. After Kal leaves them Aidan says he saw Kal returning to her room that morning right before dawn. So they decided to watch her room to see if she leaves again. She does and they videotape her. They lock her in her room so that she doesn’t hurt anyone.
Will and Aidan go to Ryan to find out exactly what is possessing Kal. Ryan reveales to them that it is a Wraith, and because she was a Virgin it has attached itself deep onto her and if it is not removed from her before the next full moon that it will take her over permanently and become fully embodied. Ryan can’t allow that. They are told that the only way to remove a Wraith that deeply embedded is throught a powerful Archdemon that doesn’t have a soul mate. The Archdemon must bed her and make her his willing soul mate before the full moon. This will extricate it and keep it from coming back permanently. Will doesn’t like th idea and he doesn’t think that Kal will either.
Will Kal be saved and in what way?
Lesli Richardson is a bright and intelligent author. Her characters leap off the page and have you wanting for more. Richardson’s works are sure to have everyone wanting to read them in one sitting and they realy get the reader wrapped up in the story. It was hard for me to tear myself away from this one as it was a real page-turner. I will definitely be reading more of her works.

Book Blurb for Demon Seed

Can you find Heaven on Earth in the arms of an archdemon? Bet your soul on it.

Kalyani Martin is a virginal preacher's daughter. Waiting for Mr. Right is Kal's plan, which doesn't include the hunky, standoffish Will Hellenboek.

Will cohosts the Otherworlds ghost hunting show with cousin Aidan Faust. All Will wants to do is end his life following his wife's murder twenty-five years earlier. Falling for Kal would jeopardize everything.

Ryan Ausar's job as head of the Firm is to protect the Earth. Unfortunately, archdemon Will refuses to return to work. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ryan holds a secret that, if revealed, would devastate Will and Aidan, men he once called brothers.

With lives on the line, Kal, Will, and Ryan must choose to give up what they most hold dear. Can Kal turn her back on everything she knows and help heal a hellishly hunky archdemon's heart?

NOTE: This book was previously published with another publisher.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00