Fly Me To The Moon

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Fly Me To The Moon

Kimo and Lopaka are spending their first Christmas together as a married couple. They have gone through much to get to this point. Kimo has never really had a Christmas since he was raised in the ancient Kahuna ways away from his parents since the age of three. But He and Lopaka love each other very much and Lopaka is determined to show him what Christmas is all about. Lopaka takes the meaning of the Twelve days of Christmas into a whole new light, a very sexy light. Starting with him sitting in the tree outside their window with a basket of pears and when Kimo wakes up Lopaka is Kimo's Partridge in a Pear tree; you will have to use your imagination on what happens next. Each day things get better and better. Lopaka does have a hard time keeping things from Kimo because of their mental connection and with how Kimo reads his thoughts when he is not wanting him to. While on one of their days of Christmas adventures they are at the volcano. Lopaka and Kimo see a pu'eo an owl who in their lore grants wishes of types, at the same time they are seeing a vision & asking the pu'eo for babies. Tutu has a vision of Kimo and Lopaka giving her grandchildren. Further into the story for Lopaka's version of 7 swans a swimming he takes Kimo to swim with 7 dolphins. Which Kimo just absolutely loves and falls in love with them immediately. You will have to read this wonderful story to find out what other items are awaiting the couple on the other days of Christmas!

A.J. Llewellyn is a very bright and talented author; his characters are bold and full of life. Each sequel of Kimo and Lopaka's story is a wonderful growing addition to the next. Kimo and Lopaka show us what true sensual and hot love can really be between two people that love each other. I will make sure to add this and any other of the Phantom Lover series of books to my collection.

Book Blurb for Fly Me To The Moon

Kimo and his husband Lopaka are celebrating their first Christmas together. For Kimo, Christmas has never been important. Taken from his parents at the age of three to be raised in the ways of the ancient Hawaiian kahuna (priests) he has defied and changed huna law to marry another man. A man who wants to show him the true meaning of Christmas in twelve very sexy ways. Kimo learns that Christmas is about giving and receiving…over and over again. And Lopaka learns something too: the true meaning of the words, Fly Me to the Moon.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00