Flirting With Death

Regina Riley gives us a spicy romance full of mystery and things that go bump in the night. Trish, Anna and Todd’s story is one that you’ll love to read over and over again. It’s a great read and one that you’ll suggest to your friends, so sit down and curl up to read Flirting with Death.

Trish is tired of seeing her best friend Anna lonely since her husband Ben died 5 years ago in a tragic car crash. She drags her out for a night on the town; Anna seems to be drowning her sorrows in her drink instead of having fun. So when Trish sees her talking to a hunky guy that walks away, she brings the hunky guy back and then leaves with the twins she has hooked up with.

Once Anna and Todd talk for a bit she finds herself liking him and realizing what she is wanting. They spend an amazing night at his hotel room only for her to wake up the next morning with the only remains of him being a note he left for her.

Trish realizes later, after being told the tale, that Anna has fallen for the guy. She wants to help her friend find him, but they have little to go on. Will Anna ever see him again and if so what will happen between them?

Book Blurb for Flirting With Death

# of pages or word count: 90 pages

Paranormal erotic romance

Heat rating: 3 Novas

After five lonely years grieving for her dead husband, Anna Baker goes out for a night on the town. In a quiet pub she meets the handsome and mysterious Todd Sterben. After some light conversation Anna finds that she is both very comfortable with and highly aroused by Todd. She ends up back at Todd’s hotel room, then in his bed, happy to feel passion again.

Some time later, Anna can't help but be hurt by how quickly it appears Todd has moved on with his life, but when Todd reveals a dark secret to her, Anna can't help but wonder if her own life is in danger. Can she trust Todd enough to accept him for who he is?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75