Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice

AJ Llewellyn and Stephani Hecht bring us an amazing story of love, passion, desire and blackmail. Llewellyn and Hecht’s characters jump to life and off the pages of this amazing love story. You’ll enjoy this story and will want to read it again and again.
Cristiano is helping a hot Cuban champion boxer Angel train and get ready for his next fight, by being his sparring partner. A love affair with the champion leads to more family problems and a fight. They must stay away from each other permanently to prevent anyone from knowing what truly happened between them.
Cristiano’s twin brother Horatio was the cause of the fight in the first place. Cristiano was trying to keep his brother from being hurt by their stepfather. Horatio after being gone for years came back to invite their mother to his wedding and was also looking for Cristiano.
Horatio takes Cristiano to his first hockey game in which he also gets to meet Alex Hunter. This is Alex’s debut game after returning from a car accident that injured him very badly. What Cristiano doesn’t know is that Horatio is blackmailing Alex because of the car accident and the true meaning behind it. During the game against a rival team, Alex’s arch nemesis, Derik, the two rivals get into a fight on television in which Alex doesn’t fair very well.
Horatio introduces Cristiano to Alex after the game and the two feel an odd attraction to each other. Cristiano points out to Alex that he telegraphed his punches in the fight on TV, and Horatio explains that his brother is a fighter. Alex invites Cristiano to a party, which upsets Horatio. He tells Alex to stay away from his brother or else. Alex tries to tell Horatio he wasn’t flirting and that he was just being nice - but Horatio isn’t having any of it.

Will Alex and Cristiano get to explore their feelings for one another? Will Cristiano find out about how much of a twisted person his brother actually is? What does his brother know that Horatio doesn’t?

Book Blurb for Fire and Ice

Genre: Gay, Contemporary, Romance, M/M
Pages: 139
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Brought together by passion and desire, will the past betrayals of Cristiano and Alex's lives drive them apart?
Alex Hunter is known as The Comeback Kid. Injured in a devastating car accident, everyone thought his career as a professional hockey goalie was over. But, he persevered and managed to overcome it all, getting his career back. However, his injuries weren't the only tragedy from that night. Something worse happened, something that he must keep secret at all costs. If the truth were to come out it would ruin his reputation and career forever. Depressed, scared and disgusted with himself, Alex fights hard to maintain a happy front.
On the night of his big return to the ice, he meets the handsome boxer named Cristiano. As soon as Alex sees the man, he knows he must possess him. But Cristiano is a comeback kid too...returning to the fight game after a long absence, he has only recently discovered he is gay. Seduced by a hot Cuban champion, he is attracted to Alex, their union is fiery hot, but his own past keeps threatening to derail his future happiness. Beaten by his stepfather and thrown out of his house at fifteen by his mother, Cristiano trusts nobody. He's the man who dumped his last name after his dad abandoned he is fighting for his life, in and out of the ring. Can Alex and Cristiano trust their love or will the past come back to haunt them both?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00