Tessa Buxton shows us that we can find love in the weirdest places in our dreams or in a garden nursery. For a sexy and fuzzy book this is a must read.

Buxton’s Fey is packed full of romance, cute fuzzy animals and, men you will want to drool over.

Ryan is the vet that runs a wildlife rescue center for animals. His goal is to help animals that have been abandoned or that have been rescued and need treatment and/or adoption. He has better luck with animals lately than men and his nurse Emma sees all.

They receive a box of baby kittens to young to eat on their own so Emma takes off with three of them leaving Ryan with a hissing little girl to take care of. He takes her with him on his errands and names her Willow.

His started having dreams of a man giving him a massage in “all” the right places. Who is this guy and why is he invading his dreams?

Book Blurb for Fey

When Ryan realizes his dream lover is real, he's not sure who's more embarrassed, him or the fairy he's accidentally summoned.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75