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Michele Bardsley puts together a sizzling array of small stories that are sure to arouse your fantasies. From pirates to voyeurs and exhibitionists this little island will help you fulfill your fantasies in fantasyland. Each of these five couples differs wildly from the other in their wants, lusts and desires.

Ile de plasir will offer you all the pleasure you could want and more. Greg and Carrie soon find this out when they arrive on the Isle for their anniversary. The phrase "the more the merrier" can help to indulge in their fantasies.

The Voyeur Village on the Isle of Fetishes will help to bring out the Watcher in you. Jake and Rhiannon find out the true meaning of what you see is what you get.

On Pirate Island You can have all your Pirate Dreams come true, be captured by a scurvy captain, sail on a replica of a pirate sloop under starry skies and truly act out any of your pirate fantasies. Sam helps Lissa to realize love can come from the lease expectant places, most likely right in front of your face and you are just blindfolded to it, or maybe it just blindfolded you.

The Isle of Dark Delights will dip into the dark side of your fantasies. If you are a Domme or a Dom or a Submissive we have everything to cater to you including our nightly slave auction. Claire has a fear against bondage and men thanks to her ex-boyfriend, although she really would like to try it she was afraid things would go wrong again. Her Boss Lucius has a real attraction to her and feels that he can let out her primal side if he could only break her icy side. The island shows them both what give and take truly means.

The Isle of Romance can help you find adventure and romance Perfect for sparking romance or if you are looking for companionship like our sizzling bookstore owner Glenna Rosemont make an appointment with a fantasy date. Her date with hunk Sean O'Malley turned out to be much more than she can handle or is he everything she could hope for and more? But who is Sean is wrestling with feelings of his own with Glenna.

Bardsley pulls us another stunning set of fantasy tales out one after another and never ceases to amaze us. This collection is just another of her great works that will go into my collection of best works shelf.

Book Blurb for Fantasyland

The national bestselling author of Cupid, Inc. takes readers on a hedonistic holiday with four erotic fantasies.

Just off the Florida Keys, Fantasyland-a chain of exotically themed islands-offers the perfect setting for guests to act out their wildest dreams. If a woman is looking for her own pirate of the Caribbean, there's an island where bawdy buccaneers roam the shores in search of booty. And then there's the island where vacationers can be treated like royalty-or servants-depending on whether they want someone groveling at their feet or taking control of their pleasure.


Michele Bardsley lives in Florida with her husband, their two children, and Their Highnesses Isis and Cleopatra, two of the most spoiled Bengal cats on the planet.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00