Eva's Last Dance

Tracy Cooper-Posey weaves an endearing love story with mystery and lots of steamy bedroom scenes in Eva’s Last Dance. Reading this story I was entranced by each romantic, steamy page. The love that Eva and Ryan start to feel for each other is timeless. I will be glad to read any more stories that Ceagh writes.

Eva thinks that she has finally found her one true love Edward after losing him so long ago on the Titanic. But a hunter named Ryan kills him before they can come together as one fully. He lets her know that Edward was an Incubus and was after her for her power because she is a virgin.

Ryan offers to deflower her to keep any other Incubi from coming after her, which they will to get the strong power of a Virgin Vampire. Their coupling is so strong to them that they seem to be falling in love in just the few short hours they are together.

What is happening to them and why do they feel this way about each other? How could Eva fall for a Human when she has only ever loved Edward?

Re-Released Review. Originally reviewed 3/17/2010. Book was originally published with Ellora's Cave under the author name of Teal Ceagh.

Book Blurb for Eva's Last Dance

Nearly one hundred years after their last dance together Eva’s long lost love, Edward, makes contact again. Eva—lonely and a vampire now—can’t resist falling into his arm and under his erotic spell. She’ll do anything he asks of her now.

Then the spell is rudely interrupted by human demon hunter Ryan Jefferson, who is on the trail of an incubus. He sets out to seduce Eva properly in a searing night of dance and passion.

This dance counts in more ways than one...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50