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Susan Berliner gives us an amazing mysterious supernatural story in Dust. It intrigues and holds the readers attention, while pulling them in and not letting them put it down. The characters are bold and full of life helping you feel everything they are going through. Susan is a bright and talented author and I will definitely read anything from her that comes across my desk.
One afternoon Karen McKay sees some colorful dust swirling near her home and it follows her inside. It smashes a ballerina figurine and then vanishes. Later that evening her neighbor’s dog, Benny, starts barking and when Karen calls she gets no answer from her. Upon inspection she finds that her neighbor has fallen down the stairs…and died. While standing there looking at her neighbor the dog growls looking at the top of the stairs. Karen looks up and sees the colorful dust again.
Karen calls her ex-husband and the police worried now about the dust being dangerous since it was near her neighbor. She wonders if it will be after her next or if it will attack anyone else. When her ex-husband, Jerry, and the police arrive she tells them what happened minus the colorful dust part. The police ask her to keep the neighbors dog till they can get in touch with the neighbors son.
Once back in Karen’s condo she lets Jerry in on the colorful dust and tells him what she thinks actually happened. He doesn’t actually believe her till he sees it for himself. Luckily Benny growls when the dust comes around so they have notice about when it is there.    
Weird accidents start happening in her condo complex, which she and Jerry believe are attached to the colorful dust. They are confirmed when talking to a roofer. He fell off a roof and saw the dust.
Karen and Jerry decide that they must figure out how to get rid of the dust before it gets rid of everyone in Rock Haven, including them. Will they figure out what can possibly kill the dust? What is the dust and why is it attacking the people of Rock Haven?

Book Blurb for Dust

While unloading groceries in her Rock Haven condo, Karen McKay notices a strange swirl of red, green, and blue dust. The swirl follows her inside, lifts a porcelain ballerina from her wall unit, twirls it in the air, and throws it to the floor, shattering it into pieces.

The following evening, Karen hears her neighbor's dog barking loudly. Upon investigation, she finds her neighbor, Marion, at the bottom of the stairs—dead. At the top of the stairs, a colorful whirlpool of dust circles ominously.

Now the feisty librarian must consider the unthinkable: Could the dust be responsible for her neighbor's death—and could more people be at risk? Karen turns to her ex-husband, Jerry, for help and together they bravely confront the mysterious dust. But will their bold actions cost them their lives?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.75