Dirty Dreams

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Dirty Dreams

D.J. Manly brings us another exciting Fantasium story in Dirty Dreams. We have come to expect no less than amazing and exciting in the Fantasium stories, and Dirty Dreams does not disappoint.

Robert Dune isn’t happy with the life he is leading, having to compete with his brother in their family company. It is becoming tiresome and people have started to notice he looks tired.

Preparing a report for his father and his brother a strange voice starts talking to him in his office. He thinks he is going off his rocker until he finally sees who is talking to him. Tab transports him to Fantasium where Robert denies he is there and believes it is all a dream. The place he is taken to he is told that his Uncle Jed, who has been missing for years now, created and that he is now the owner and boss. Robert keeps denying that he is there and has problems dealing with it until he sees and meets Dylan.

Once transported back he feels as if something is missing from his life, and decides to change his life. Was Fantasium a dream? What of Dylan? Come and take a trip to Fantasium and see for yourself.

Book Blurb for Dirty Dreams

Genre: Fantasy Gay Romance (m/m), BDSM
Pages: 79
Flame Rating: 5 Flames 
Fantasium - Had Robert lost his mind, or had he actually been transported to an alternative reality called Fantasium?
Robert is heir to a very rich empire with an enviable position in his father's company. He hates his life. He's always stressed and always alone. Then he starts hearing voices and a little man takes him through a passage to a place he could have only dreamed. But is it a dream or is he suddenly brought face to face with the man of his dreams, whom is deliciously and totally in his control? 
Come with Robert to Fantasium, where D.J. Manly will transport you to a world where all dreams come true, even the dirtiest ones. But the question will haunt you long after you read the book. Is Fantasium only a dream? 
Warning: Contains Adult toys or other sexual devices.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00