Diary of an Incubus

Jewel Mathers has dreamed of being a writer since she was a child. She lives with her Uncle Randolph who so kindly offered for her to live with him after she had to spend her three thousand dollar advance to live. That was from her first book. That title went to the bestseller list but it just wasn’t enough. She now is obligated for three more novels and her next outline is due in 4 months or she is going to be in breach of her contract. She has always been fascinated by the paranormal and things that go bump in the night. Her Uncle knows this and when he travel’s he brings her things that are related to the macabre.
Ten years ago he brought her journals from an estate sale and when she started reading them she couldn’t figure out if Vincent Marcellus was real or fictional. She finally decided he was the character in the story and it was an unfinished work in progress. She had not read it in ten years because when she had read part of the first one she had to put it down. Vincent had haunted her dreams that night so much so that the next morning she could smell his cologne on her pillow. The dream was so very real to her that it frightened her. She had not picked them up since. She decided thorough all her research of vampires that he had to be an incubus since they were the most sexual of vampires. They not only prayed on blood but energy too and they did it through dreams.
She walked to a pub and the cute bartender asked the question that pushed the conversation further. She found out that they had more in common than she thought he was an out of work actor, while she an out of work writer. The kiss he gives her when he returns her home turns paranormal when she feels two pairs of arms and believes she sees Vincent holding her too.
She knew she had to get the outline for her next book written so she unpacked a box of her books and just happened to find Vincent’s journals. She decided that Vincent was real at least to her anyway. Those journals become the focus of her new book series, and her publisher calls her and says they are going to launch a new line of books called Dark Deeds starting with that book.
Jewel names her trilogy The Incubus Chronicles and it takes off very well. Within three years she owns her own home and is well off. Matt was also now acting and had done a few independent films. He has been hired to direct the films that were based on Jewels books.
They are almost done, with the first day of casting for Vincent when a guy walks in claiming to be Vincent Marcellus, asking to speak to Ms. Mathers. He is what she had envisioned him to be right down to the black fingernail polish he wore. He is asked to show them that he is Vincent, as he wants the part. His audition creeped Matt out and shook Jewel to her core so much so that she needs a drink. Matt is so creeped out by the guy the he let her know that she needs to be careful of him.
As Jewel is taking a bath that evening she falls asleep in the tub. She starts dreaming of Vincent again, but this time when she wakes up he is really in her bathroom holding her arms. This freaks her out and she demanded answers, after he hands her a towel of course. He explains to her how he got into her bathroom and it goes on from there. He leaves but as she is staring out her balcony doors He says something too her. She invites him back in and she realized he is Vincent.
He tells her that he has been tracing her families’ line because he has been trying to figure out how she knew his story. He found out that she was directly descended from Emily and he thought that she must have been able to get into his head and that is how she knew his story. Since she had written his story they both were “deep shit” as he put it. He let her know the Vampire Council was real and that is when she realizes it was them that wanted the journals destroyed and reveals to him that she had them. He thought that he had left them at the Masterson estate but since they were all deceased now her uncle was able to pick up the journals. She didn’t know if he did it on purpose when he was in England because her Uncle knew they were relatives and had set it up since tracing their family tree was a hobby of his. Vincent tells her that if the Council finds out that he had not destroyed them they would kill him and if they found out that she printed them they would destroy her too.
He was sent there in part to kill her but to also find out if she believes what she had written was real or fiction. He tells her he doesn’t want to kill her and that he has a plan to save her. He contacts the head of the Vampire council and tells him he wants to meet with them as soon as possible…all of them. Alucard tells him it would be at least four months before they can meet and during those four months a lot happens.
There is a murder…
Will Vincent and Jewel be labeled as Liabilities? Who will Jewel end up with? Will they find a way around the rules and, be able to live together in peace and harmony or will Jewel have to make a choice between the two men she loves?

Tracy H. Kitts is a very talented author; her characters are vivid and full of life. It is hard to put the book down and it rivets you to your seat as the characters and story pop from the pages. I will definitely read anything written by Tracy that comes across my desk in the future.

Book Blurb for Diary of an Incubus

Jewel Mathers needed a good story for her next novel. She turned to the ancient journals in desperation. But fame and fortune comes with a price … and a couple of hot vampires.

Jewel was in enough trouble after she accidentally published Vincent’s diary. But now the head of the vampire council, Alucard, wants her for himself. Her fate is in his hands. How will she ever choose between them? Especially when her life may depend on that choice.

Rating: Carnal.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00